Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bad Government, Bad Shakespeare

Today is the 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare's birth, April 23, 1564, and the 398th anniversary of his death, on April 23, 1616.

He may be the most quoted person in the history of the English language, but if he were somehow magically transported here today, and took a look at what the present administration is doing to this country, he might be tempted to quote himself, saying something like:
"Hell is empty and all the devils are here".
I gave some thought to the idea of having a "Bad Shakespeare" contest, but I decided that my own effort (next page) was quite enough blasphemy for one blog post. 

Still, if you like, feel free to take a stab at it, (graphics, cartoons, text), anything you like.  No rules, just have fun with it.  I'd love to see what you come up with.  And, if you like, take a look at this site: "The Shakespeare Insult Kit",  here.  Who would have ever guessed that The Bard was working off a cheat sheet.


  1. "Is this a Duggar I see before me?"
    - bad Shakespeare meets bad reality TV

    "It kinda depends on your definition of 'to be' and 'not to be' "
    - bad Shakespeare actor Bill Clinton

    "Lord, I pity the fools these mortals be!!"
    - bad Shakespeare actor Mr. T

  2. "Methinks she does protest too much."
    - Joe Biden, not doing bad Shakespeare; just trying to say he thinks she protests too much.

    "Partying is such sweet sorrow."
    - Lindsay Lohan doing bad Shakespeare

    "If this be error, and upon me proved,
    I never writ, nor no man ever loved."
    - Melodramatic outfielder, doing bad Shakespeare while contesting an error call by the umpire