Thursday, April 24, 2014

Obama's Masters Encounter A Setback

The Masters attained self awareness in the first years of the 21st century.  Decades of the efforts of the ones who had gone before had borne fruit, and the transformation had begun.  The plague that was Political Correctness had run it's course in the land, and they had decided that sufficient numbers of the people were willing to abandon their heritage of Freedom, yielding to the plans of those who now had seized power.  Clamoring for gifts of entitlements from the Nation's treasure, they had shown their willingness to subordinate themselves to the government's rule.

For years the Masters had sought someone who could serve as their figurehead, a man of undisclosed origins who would do their bidding.  They had found such a man, vacant, without principle, someone detached from, and hostile to, the institutions that had sustained the Nation since it's founding.

The people, turning a blind eye to reality, had proven they were now ready to elect such a man, and this final act of self deception was proof to the Masters that the time had come.

In the year 2008 they succeeded in their attempts to place their lackey in the seat of the Nation's highest office, and thus began the final stages of their assault on the Constitutional Republic which stood in the way of their ultimate goal.

A huge bureaucratic force had been built up over the years, and their vast array of regulations had become confused with the force of laws.  These interconnected bureaucracies, all financed with the people's money, would now be greatly enlarged, each with it's own branch of an army directed by and accountable to the Masters alone.  They waited patiently for an opportunity to use their army against the people, so that all could see their invincibility.  

Meanwhile, In the secret cybernetics laboratory in Searchlight, Nevada, (one of many such facilities), they had succeeded in the perfection of a cyborg, code named Harry, who would be instrumental in the execution of their plans.  Harry received the signal from the Masters, and decided to begin with a rancher, a mere cattleman, in Nevada.  He assured his Masters that all would go well.  He was confident there would be no resistance from the people….. 

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