Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Buffoon Chronicles, Number 1

So here's this assistant professor of philosophy at the Rochester Institute, let's call him Buffoon #1, who says that anyone who does not agree with the notion that man-made global warming is going to kill us all should be put in prison.  

Apparently if you don't believe every word spoken about the matter by Al Gore and his stooges,  you need to be thrown in the slammer along with all the other criminals.   

Now we have this other guy, (Buffoon #2), known as Holder Trumbo, a Republican no less, who is a County Supervisor in Fauquier County, Virginia.  In an ongoing dispute about property rights, he says that  conservative bloggers who do not live in his county have no right to voice an opinion about the matter.

Mark Fitzgibbons piece on American Thinker has this to say about Mr. Trumbo:
Conservative critics of government are “freaks,” are “in for a pretty rough ride,” and "will need their kevlar"  i.e., bullet-proof vests.
These statements didn’t come from the Obama administration or some radical leftwing organization.  They are Facebook posts of a Republican elected official in Virginia’s Fauquier County.
Fauquier drew national attention in 2012 for charging farmer Martha Boneta with violating the law by having a birthday party for eight little girls without a permit and zoning site plan.
Note to Buffoon #2:  They didn't need kevlar at Concord or Lexington, or Bunker Hill, but they managed to do what they had to do.   We won't need it either sir.

It could be that B2 is trying to set a trap for conservatives.  Maybe he thinks if he can trick us into wearing kevlar, we'll all end up with heat stroke, what with all this deadly global warming that B1 is talking about.

B2 didn't spell out exactly why he thinks we need kevlar, but generally it's used to protect people from being shot.  By other people.  With guns.  Maybe he would like to put his money where his mouth is and come see me about it.  I promise not to wear any kevlar. 
On the other hand, if I was going to wear such, I suppose I could get a vest and have it screen printed like this, similar to the one Hunter and Les spoke of here and here.  Maybe get one for my dog too.  (Note that mine is justified right).

PS...In the piece I posted March 15, I got a lot of good comments from jw, oppo, skywatch, and "anonymous" about what to do with the $3.  Maybe what I'll do is put the 3 bucks into a savings account, and every time I see one of those emails from Obama asking for money, I'll add $3, and in no time at all, I should have enough to outfit me and my dog with custom printed kevlar.


  1. With a name like Holder, he HAD to be a Buffoon!

  2. I freakin' LOVE this response of yours!

    Someone needs to kick B2 Holder Trumbo out of the Republican party so hard that if he doesn't reach escape velocity, he'll at least have a rough time with re-entry before bouncing. Hopefully several times.