Wednesday, April 16, 2014

When Liberals Dream

Liberals apparently live in a dream world where the nature of things is formed, not by reality or experience, but by their wishes, by their fantasies.  The statists elected by these people encourage those fantasies.  They talk about things like "fairness" and foster the belief that, no matter what the problem is, the State is the answer.  They have sold liberals the idea that personal liberty, the right to direct your own fortunes, is the cause of the problems, and the only solution is obeisance to the State.  It's a lie that gets more and more convoluted as it continually bumps into reality.  It's all carefully constructed to obscure their real purpose, which is, of course, complete control.  

Liberals ignore the dissonance, and dream on.


  1. I equate liberal ideologies here in the U.S. to radical islamist in the middle east. They really are one in the same.

  2. Liberals can afford to dream as long as others do the heavy lifting...but what happens when the all-powerful State finally makes that productive labor impossible?

    1. What happens then will be ugly. How ugly, and when, who knows. Right now something like 86M people are working to support +/- 120M lib dreamers. We're upside down.. liberalism is a virus....

    2. What happens when productive labor is impossible?

      We find out Who Will Become OUR John Galt.

  3. Gee, when Liberals wake from their dreams,
    They'll be in Detroit....