Friday, May 2, 2014

Harry Gets A Shot At Redemption

James Dobson, founder of Family Talk Radio, doesn't have much good to say about Mr. Obama's performance in office.  In a statement made at the National Day Of Prayer, he referred to Mr. Obama as the "abortion president".  

Mr. Obama wasn't present, but he released a "proclamation" on that day, speaking about God's protection, and a "more just world".  Apparently he believes that that protection and justice should only apply to those of us who already managed to get born, somehow, without the benefit of Mr. Obama's proclamation.

 Mr. Dobson recently won a court decision against a requirement in Obamacare that would have forced his organization to pay for abortions.  Discussing his refusal to surrender his moral beliefs to Mr. Obama's agenda, he said:  "Come and get me.  I will not yield to your wicked regulations".  

Mr. Dobson speaks for a whole lot of us.

I imagine that Harry Reid would be taken aback by this affront, and is probably looking for an opportunity to redeem his folly out at the Bundy ranch.