Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Honest Headlines

Keln’s lambasting of a duplicitous lede has led me to further elucidate on the lame illusions and delusions of the elusive left.

I spotted this throwaway headline in a well-known Mao-leaning news aggregator which I have poked fun of before.

Although it is true that the actress is best known for her role in the movie and television adaptation of “Clueless,” which, as far as I know, is a biography of the current Vice President, the headline’s wording predictably lends itself to some highbrow discussion in the publication’s comment section in which one can nearly always expect at least one mention per page of the clever jab, “Faux News.”

I’ve come up with a few essentially factual headlines myself, which you will likely never see on a site with a name that almost rhymes with “Muffins and Toast.”

In an attempt to deflect potential accusations of bias, the subjects’ actual names and identities have been tactfully obscured.

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  1. "the clever jab, “Faux News""

    Yeah, clever for liberals and relatively bright three-year-olds. BIRM.