Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Forget Hippies, I'm Punching Some Donkeys!

I know we like to talk about punching hippies, and I know that hippies really deserve to be punched, but I think there is another group that deserves to be punched far more: today's democRats.
Serious, you guys. Hippies are easy targets. They mostly just sit there, rocking back and forth to whatever Dave Matthews crap is playing, stoned to the heavens on their "medical" marijuana. They're easy pickings. Satisfying, but only to a point.

But, I don't just choose the democRats at random. Oh, no. Remember all those smelly hippies of the sixties and seventies? The ones who said you should never trust anyone over thirty? And that the government was horrible and evil and worse, a real buzzkill? Well, they hit thirty and decided that they were trustworthy after all, and the best way to keep the government from killing their buzz was to BECOME the government.

This is how you get filthy ex-hippies like Bill Ayers is a position where we are supposed to respect and admire him, rather than throw him in prison where he belongs. (Technically, I'm not sure he actually counts as a hippy, but I think we can all agree he's certainly in need of a good punching.) Anyway, you have ex-hippies like Bill Clinton who dodged the draft and protested their own country overseas.

And when they decided they were going to transform America into their own twisted image, they chose the party that seems to have come up on the wrong side of issues again and again and again. (Don't even pretend they were on the right side of Civil Rights: If it hadn't been for democRat filibusters, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 would have been the Civil Rights Act of 1958.)

Everything democRats do has as its root purpose the accrual of more power to the state, not helping the people of America. They've tricked a lot of otherwise honorable people into think that they are helping people by voting for them. But as Les succinctly showed  a couple days ago, The moral authority they pretend to claim is actually an INDIVIDUAL call to charity, not a call to force others to do it for you.There is no moral capital that accrues to you by forcing others to do what you think is the right thing.

And history shows us that any group or issue the democRats turn their attention to suffers in the end. Minorities. Healthcare. The Economy. The military. Just look how they've to grasp defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq.

So. Stand tall, plant your feet, wind up good and give your favorite democRat a big Donkey Punch!


  1. No actual donkeys were punched in the making of this post.

    And even joking about violence will turn you into a Koch brother, or something.

    1. I didn't punch any ACTUAL donkeys.

      But I did make pistols with my thumbs and fingers.