Saturday, June 7, 2014

When You've Lost the French...

So, el Presidente was at the D-Day commemoration ceremonies yesterday. I didn't hear much of what he said, but in the small portion that I DID hear. he somehow avoided mentioning how all those men died so that one day, he could be elected president. Amazing, I know.

On the other hand, it still managed to turn into something all about him. See, he got chewing gum. Chomping gum, really. And the French were appalled. APPALLED I tell you. They lit up up Twitter with expressions of outrage.

Here are some examples:

Obama, didn't your mother ever teach you not to chew gum when you're on TV?
 I find Obama much too happy for the occasion, and he's annoying me with his gum.
 The "Obama beach;" say hello to America's "chewing gum" strategy for beating the Russians.
Of course, these are translated. In the original French, they sound much more romantic.

Dude, when you're a socialist and you've lost the French...#SmartPower
Obama chews gum1

President Chompy-Face

I'm not sure if the person behind him is also chewing gum, accidentally caught at the moment of a chewing-like motion, or actively mocking him. I would like to think it's the mocking.

P.S. I'm just glad he wasn't all, "D-Day? Dude, that was like 70 years ago!"


  1. Obviously working on his jawboning technique for future tough negotiations.

    1. Tough negotiations, hah!

      Bet he trades four Gitmo detainees for a ham sammich.

    2. MMMMMMM - sammich! At least we get some value for that trade.

    3. A ham sammich in every lunchbox. That's government working for you!