Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Rant Against Big Electronics

Big Electronics Are Evil

If you pay any attention to the internets, you'll see a lot of public outcry against Big Pharma for purposely poisoning our children with evil vaccines and life-saving drugs. Sure, they save lives, but it's unnatural. Or somesuch.

And you'll see people upset at Big Food (or Big Farma) for purposely poisoning our children with GMO laden crops that prevent mass famine and death from starvation. Sure, they save lives, but it's unnatural. Or somesuch.

Then there is Big Tobacco, who purposely posion our children with, um, billboard signs I think.

And don't forget the grandaddy of them all, Big Oil, who purposely poison our children with fuel that allows parents to drive cars to get Big Food at the store and Big Pharma vaccines at the clinic, while passing a bunch of Big Tobacco billboards teaching their kids to smoke along the way. They are very evil you see.

But there is one industry that seems to continuously avoid any scrutiny from the smart people of the internets and others who live in their parents' basement. Big Electronics. Oh sure, they make all of the fancy gadgets that we use to complain about the other Big Corporations, but has anyone thought about how Big Electronics might be purposely poisoning our children for profit too?

They do it with microwaves! Yes, microwaves. You might know how difficult it is to figure out how many watts your microwave is, and maybe you have even wondered why it isn't simply printed in an easy-to-find place. I'll tell you why; they do it on purpose.

You see, when you don't know the wattage, then you won't know how much time to put something into it for. And most people will put it in for a longer time than is necessary, and this activates the GMO evil genetic thingys that attack our children.

I think it's high time that Big Electronics starts printing the wattage on the outside of microwaves in giant numbers. Maybe even the whole paint job should be a nice wattage print. That way, when you stick your GMO-laden frozen meal into the microwave, you can be sure not to activate the GMO evils in it.

This is the only way we can save our children from evil Big Electronics.

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