Monday, September 22, 2014

Respect Is A Two Way Street, Mr. Obama

October 5th there will be a ceremony marking the dedication of the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial near the National Mall in Washington DC.   This memorial was created by and funded by the efforts of  The Disabled Veterans' Life Memorial Foundation, Inc.

President Obama will not attend the ceremony, but has declined to say why.  He has consistently displayed a shameful lack of respect for America, her military, and her veterans.   On October 5th, America will take note of the fact that he didn't bother to participate in the dedication ceremony.  But we won't be surprised.  
In the absence of an explanation for his absence, we are left to speculate about the possible reasons.  Here is a partial list of possibilities:  
  • Pretending to care about too many things at once is physically and mentally exhausting.  Quality fakery demands time and effort, and sometimes you just have to say "Gosh darn it, I just have to let this one go".  Most people just don't appreciate this.
  • It would look funny if he attended the memorial dedication and then shut it down next time there's a budget fight with congress.
  • Military people are just so tacky with their guns and flags and stuff
  • He has a laser focus on preparing a scheme which will commence the master planning of a series of decisions that will culminate in the development of a plan that will devise a schedule resulting in some speeches which will make ISIS manageable once and for all.
  • He can't figure out how to spin it as a race issue
  • Too many real Americans will be there
  • That's the day he set aside to rearrange his sock drawer
  • Road trip with Reggie Love
  • Going to be in Hawaii searching for his birth certificate
  • He found out Jay Z and Beyonce couldn't make it
  • He has to babysit Valerie Jarrett's cat 
  • It conflicts with Eid al-Adha, the four day Islamic "Festival of the Sacrifice"
  • He needs to get a head start working on his Halloween costume.  This year he's going disguised as "Competent Guy"
  • Joe Biden keeps calling.  Something about Hillary being mean to him…
The real reason he won't attend:  It falls on Sunday.  Hello?  Tee Time!!

As they say, Mr. Obama, respect is a two way street.

Note:  This article and the opinions voiced herein are solely those of  the author.


  1. You know, 4 years ago I was furious at this idiot..... Now, I just chuck in a bag of microwave popcorn and wait for him to say something or do something completely idiotic. I am never let down and usually end up laughing so hard I choke on a popcorn kernel. Just watching his party have that collective look of, " Oh Shit, What Have We Done" as the November elections draw closer makes it all worth it. Even better yet, 2016 is gonna be really interesting. I am gonna make a really big bowl of popcorn and grab some sodas cause it is gonna make the National Enquirer look like Mad Magazine.

  2. Someone should ask Obama what Rspect means to him.

  3. "Note: This article and the opinions voiced herein are solely those of the author."
    Nope, those opinions are shared by many.

    1. No doubt in my mind. Only reason I said that is if anybody has a problem with my point of view they should bring it to me, not the DVLMF

  4. I don't know why Obama thinks ISIS is so hard to manage. They're right there on the Org chart - the box under the one marked "Valerie Jarrett".

  5. The #1 reason he won't be attending is he can't figure out how to fund raise off if it.