Monday, September 22, 2014

The Puppets Fake Manhattan

Generally, the most bizarre characters seen in the footage of Tea Party rallies are those dressed in 18th century garb, or an occasional Uncle Sam on stilts, and unfortunately, those are the ones who catch the eye of the news cameras. But whenever there’s a march for a media darling cause like the Occupy® movement, unrestricted immigration, or alphabet-sexual rights, one mostly sees wide shots of the throngs of the humble and oppressed, their shiny-faced moppets on their shoulders, temporarily safe from the baby-eating, right-wing, greedy corporate hordes who manufacture the malcontents’ smartphones and the fuel needed to bus the paid protesters into the big cities.

The MSM had their work cut out for them at this weekend’s march against global warming climate change climate disruption reality. It’s hard to get a flattering shot when there are nothing but wall-to-wall green astroturfers, anarchists, communists, various union groups, people in headdresses bowing to a portable idol, as well as some of the prominent, impoverished idols of the downtrodden 99 percent: Al Gore, Bill de Blasio, Ban Ki-Moon, and Leonardo DiCaprio.   

I found this posted on the timeline of The Other 98%, whose primary foes are apparently Exxon and all bankers.

I fixed it for them:

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