Friday, October 24, 2014

Electrons Make TIE Fighters

Pew Pew Pew....Bwoooosh!
I attempted to do two things today. Both of them probably futile, but I had hope for one of the things and still did the other even if I knew better. The two things I speak of are explaining the atomic structure to some kids and explaining why government controlling various aspects of your life, such as healthcare or dental work, is bad to some leftists.

I know, the kids might have had a chance, but the progs were way over their heads in trying to understand such a concept. That's what I thought anyway.

So, first, I had to explain to some kids about atomic structure because they have some science assignment due Monday, and they just didn't really understand what all of these thingys were on the Periodic Table (or Pyramid Table as one called it), and I being educated is such matters felt that it was my duty to, um, learn 'em youngins. 

After a lot of splainin', I reverted to the basic three rules I made up on the spot which are probably true:

1. Protons make elements.
2. Neutrons make isotopes.
3. Electrons make ions.

I figured this was true enough. Self-evident even. I made them say it over and over. I explained it in detail. I even helped them remember the apparently difficult word "ion" by pointing out that the "TIE" in TIE Fighter meant "Twin Ion Engine". Finally, after over an hour of discussion, I got the following output from the children:

1. Electrons are elements.
2. Neutrons are neutral.
3. Electrons make TIE Fighters.

One out of three ain't bad I guess. I did worse with the leftists I tried to explain a thing to. Specifically, there was this article, which I won't link because I commented on it (that's a personal rule, in case I get, um, mouthy...I don't want to advertise the fact). And this article was basically a 5,000 word essay of why some person blames capitalism for their crackhead grandma having bad teeth. Or somesuch. I couldn't get past all of the whining to really grasp the details. They aren't important anyway.

Basically this person wants full dental coverage for poor people so they won't have bad teeth, and thus they will get better jobs. Last I checked, such people don't get better jobs because, well, they are completely useless. They didn't pay attention to their mamma when she told them to brush their teeth, nor did they pay attention in school so that they might learn a few things which might facilitate further learning, nor did they learn about how to conduct one's life from their parent(s). You know, things that might be relevant to getting a job and such.

I mean...British people have horrible teeth and they can get all kinds of awesome jobs. I'm pretty sure there are few employers that would turn down a decent employee who has crappy teeth, unless the person was supposed to be smiling at customers or something.

Anyway, it was on a leftward website, so of course you had all of these morons going on about single payer healthcare and full dental coverage being better than stuff in the US. There were even some British people...haha, I know, right? British! HORRIBLE teeth!...going on about their perfect single payer system that gives you a free breast enhancement but lets your grandma die from the flu, because, duh, she is old and the government doesn't have the money.

I tried to explain to these people that, when you give the government more control over a thing, you give up your own personal choices over it. Just a basic concept. When you give government power, you lose power as an individual. It has to come from somewhere, and guess comes from the people. But leftists don't get that. They don't understand that. They think money and power are inexhaustible resources. I kept saying it, but I don't think it sank in.

Somehow I think if progs would just go around saying "electrons make TIE fighters", it would save us all a lot of time.

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  1. If protons make elements, neutrons make isotopes and electrons make ions, who's gonna make me a ham sammich?