Friday, October 31, 2014

How to Choose a Costume, Wisconsin Style

1. Leave the house before six a.m. Start feeling like Han Solo because the view out of the windshield looks like this:

2. Wish you had dressed like Chewbacca.

3. If you have to go outside, you could be Dorothy Gale,


4. Or if you're stuck inside, you could be Dorothy Gale.

5. As you watch tree limbs, your garbage cans and several small children blow by, decide you really don't want to go out tonight. Instead, choose to dress like a hermit:

The beard is warm and soft, but it tickles. :)

[I guess, technically, an Obama costume could also be deemed a "hermit" these days, but only a few gross teenage boys would ever consider wearing something so disgusting and evil.



  1. Hermit!?? I'm the Brawny Paper Towel Guy!

    Except better, because beard.

  2. Really?

    Cuz I'm not a big nature lover. I prefer my men "indoors-y".

    I just can't get past the shirt. Plaid red flannel? He is, most obviously, single... :P

    Oh, and I never buy Brawny. Only Bounty for me.

    I promise.

    I'm not *trying* to be contrary :D