Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nuke the Punchline- Kiss Up Cookie Edition

Harvey over at IMAO has posted a new straight line of the day. You should go check it out! My favorites from the last one are :

Today Is Anonymiss’s Birthday. What Should She Do to Celebrate?

Cookies to c64wood for the Picture :)

You gave me so many wonderful suggestions. :) How 'bout I tell you what I did?

I took rodney dill's suggestion to take enjoyment from the mental calisthenics of judging a good Straight Line of the Day from IMAO.

You guys are so funny and clever. I LOVE words. And so, jw, I did HALF of mental health day. I'd have to *be* MENTAL to eat walnuts :)

I was a little under the weather in the morning, so I listened to advice from walruskkkch, Burt, Bob in Feenicks, CrabbyOldBat and tinman: I kicked back and basked in your love. :)

It helped. :)

I was uplifted by the song from rodney dill (which really hit the spot...)

and cheered by the one from Les (which was fun, because it's the same Happy Birthday song I sing with the kids I teach in church!)

I had a very important meeting in the afternoon. One that I have been stressed about for months. Thanks to Iowa Jim, I NUKED THE MOON!! Truly, I don't know how it could have gone better. :D

Shockingly, there were no cookies. But James, c64wood, Burt, Dohtimes, Nucking Futs, walruskkkch, and FredKey, I will definitely make up for that today. :)

tinman suggested Harvey make them.

I heartily agree. :D

And just for HokieGomer and CCO, I'll make brownies and snow cream to go with them. (When Mother Nature sends us snow. But I'm in no hurry :) )

Then, since Da**Cat wants to keep me healthy, I'll eat a tuna fish sandwich. :P I *did* do my Zumba. I'm not a complete slug :)

And my talented friend 4of7 offered to draw me a beautiful snowflake. A girl couldn't possibly feel more spoiled and happy.

Finally, Bob B said I could do whatever I want!!

So I grabbed some of my favorite people and we saw Big Hero 6.
It was endearing and fun and nerdy and made me laugh out loud.

It was an absolutely wonderful birthday.

Thanks to you.

Cookies to My Sweet IMAO Guys!
Since you were all so wonderful to me yesterday, I decided to grant Jimmy's request and post a picture of myself:
Here in Wisconsin, it was far too dreary and cold to be outside, so I stayed toasty inside and just dreamed of this sunnier, warmer day:


Most days, I'm the gal on the right... :P

The Musings of Anonymiss: 
I have awesome friends. I decided to post something I love 
to thank you for the kindness you show to me:

One of my FAVORITE videos ever.
By the same group Les sent to sing me
Happy Birthday: Vocal Point. Enjoy!


  1. love the video...Thank You!

  2. Happy to be part of the IMAO Anonymiss fan club!

  3. What color would you like that snowflake (mostly)?

    1. I love pink. And blue. And lavender. :)

      You are so sweet!

    2. Pink, blue and lavender - got it!

  4. It's been dreary and cold (and windy!) here in Iowa, too, but looking forward to a straight line has kept me happy.

    Hope that you had your best birthday yet!

    Iowa Jim