Saturday, January 10, 2015

"Smoking Ruins And Crying Widows"

In 2012 President Obama said "the future must not belong to those who insult the prophet of Islam."  Like it or not, until something changes, he has the power to define that future.  As always, his priorities have more to do with the accommodation and appeasement of those who are causing the problem, and less to do with America's interests.  Policy is being made by him, and by people who think like him.  They want us to accept this kind of thinking.  It explains, among other things, why we are leaving Afghanistan with no resolution, at the cost of 2,144 American lives, 73% of which occured since Obama took office.

The future has arrived, and the question is whether we will remain free men or whether we will be on our knees at the mercy of a global caliphate.  Apparently the latter is an acceptable choice to leftists, just so long as we are nice to each other.  People who think like this don't deserve to live in a free society.  If we allow it to continue, none of us will. 
The left has fallen prey to their own deception.  Political Correctness is a weapon devised to silence opposition to their utopian ideas, but their cowardice in the face of Islamic terrorism has brought them to apply it to their own thinking.  It offers them a way to rationalize their willingness to get on their knees in the face of the very thing that will put an end to their right to have any ideas about anything, utopian or not, if it does not conform to the ideology of Islam.  The absurdity of this appears to be lost on the left, but it is not lost on the people who have declared war on us.  "Peace at any cost" is a suicidal mirage.  In the face of an aggressive enemy, it guarantees an opposite reaction. 
The left has learned nothing from history.  The appeasement by Neville Chamberlain, and the complicity of Vichy France allowed the Nazis to expand into Western Europe.  It took the Normandy invasion, led by the United States Military under General Eisenhower, with the full support of the American People to push them back into Germany.  Islamist terrorism poses no less a threat to the Western world, but we find ourselves compromised by the leftists in America today.

Right now France, in exchange for their softness on Islamists,  is being torn apart, and only people who are willfully blind refuse to see that their PC cowardice insures that the nightmare will be here soon.  France as we know it will cease to exist without a focused military response by the leaders of the free world. 
On January 9th, Lt Col Ralph Peters presented the only answer to the problem that is based in reality.  He said:
"in a war you fight to win, you don’t worry about political correctness. The jihadis will do anything to win, and we’re worried about our table manners.”
Some points he made:

   1. First, accept that you are in a war.
   2. Name the enemy: Islamist Terrorists
   3. Get the lawyers and the policymakers off the battlefield
   4. You go where the terrorists are and you kill them.
   5. You don't send American troops into a war you don't intend to win.
   6. Be as merciless as the enemy. If you're not willing to do that, he will win.

Read his full remarks here.

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