Saturday, March 21, 2015

Cap'n Traitor

I started writing a response in the comments to Keln’s post, which referenced an article by Patrick Moore, but my tippy typing got out of hand.

Moore’s is an excellent article, and one that will be dutifully ignored or berated by those whose arguments consist only of bandwagon certitude and ad hominem attacks that quickly deteriorate into banal aspersions involving “flat-earthers” or “Jesus riding a dinosaur” — or the daily doom article that cites models based on dubious data, speculating that something catastrophic “may happen” if we don’t do something right now, like recycle ear wax or invest in Al Gore bonds. Spare me the endless parade of “99 percent of climate scientists...” and “They’re just shills for big oil.”

The few heretics, like Patrick Moore, remind me of this classic illustration:

Consensus denier

Anybody who dares stray from the planet panic plantation is a traitor of the worst kind: an apostate of the holy progressive state, which abhors dissent — especially rational discourse and candid debate.

Another wise “denialist crank” worth listening to is Dr. Tim Ball. A recent article of his asks the musical question, “What Is A ‘Normal’ Climate?

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