Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Urban Legend

I heard that if a pregnant woman looks  in a mirror and says "Bloody Nancy" three times, Nancy Pelosi will appear and abort her baby.


  1. If she actually did appear, it would probably be an involuntary, spontaneous effect.

    1. That would be a horror movie no one would pay to see.

      Speaking of horror movies, here's an idea: pitches for horror movies made for liberals.

      Here's one: A woman has a one night stand, then finds she's pregnant. Just before she enters Planned Parenthood, she sees someone who hands her a brochure for a "Crisis Pregnancy Center." She decides to check it out, and at the end, horror of horrors, she decides to have the baby and gives it to a young Christian couple who have been unable to have a baby. The child grows up, finds his birth mother, and thanks her, and everyone involved is grateful that she turned away from the quick and easy decision.

      That would get liberals screaming in the aisles. They would have to have doctors available at the theater in case there were heart attacks and maybe fainting.

    2. Like a William Castle movie -- "Filmed in 'thoughtful-vision.'" Progressive hacks standing by to validate self-indulgent rationalizations.

    3. I see liberal polices as more of a John Waters movie - in "Odorama."

      Or like pretty much any scene from Pink Flamingos - Filthy.