Thursday, July 23, 2015

Changing the meaning of words...and how it probably makes Webster very mad. If he were alive I mean.

 Rarrww...cluck cluck cluck

We have a problem America. Or 'Merca. Or the U S of A. Or, the Fifty Oppressive White People States. Whatever you people call yourselves now.

Anyway, that problem is the mercurial nature of definitions. I mean, it's gotten really bad. can't even define a woman any more. And forget an African American. Apparently you can choose your "race" and sex all willy nilly and nature has nothing to say about it any more.

Too bad the dinosaurs didn't have that ability. They could have avoided the whole extinction thing by self-identifying as birds or something. You know, since they apparently had feathers. Which ironically makes them more birds than a fake fro makes Rachel Dolezal a black woman. Or fake whatycallits makes Bruce Jenner a woman.

But the one redefinition, or re-branding if-you-will, that makes absolutely no sense is the left calling themselves "liberal". Seriously...just stop. We've had enough. Y'all aren't liberal about anything except the boundaries of your lunacy. I mean, think about it. "Oh, look at me, I'm a liberal and I love freedom because I love huge government that tells me what freedom is and isn't".

Seriously? That isn't liberal. I mean, super-liberal himself Thomas Jefferson would be spinning in his grave. Trying to get into his Super Liberal costume no doubt, but it's a grave. Way less room than a phone booth.

It's really time for my fellow, whatevers, to start calling a spade a spade. A man is a man. A woman is a woman. A white American is an American. A black American is an American. Rachel Dolezal is a weirdo. Bruce Jenner is some sort of creature or something. A "liberal" is actually a leftist. Or a progressive. Those are synonyms.

I mean, if we don't have actual definitions for things, then how do we know what anything is?

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