Friday, July 24, 2015

Where the Po' Folk Roam

He may be hungry, but he has a free Obama hat. 

So Obama is visiting his "home" country of Kenya. The land of his father. Also, the land of hunger with a 46% poverty rate and half of its population being children (they don't live long there). And what do we hear about Kenya, having a president whose own father is from the troubled country?


You might be inclined to think that such a progressive champion of the poor like Obama might have pushed his ancestral homeland as a place to feed and clothe those without, but of course you would be wrong. Because Obama is a true leftist. He doesn't look at such abject poverty as a bad thing. He looks at it as a model for what he wants western citizens to be.

A starving populace is a pliant populace.

It is a worrisome bother to conduct social experiments on a people who are so independent and inclined to complain (and armed), like Americans. But a population like the poverty-stricken Kenyans are an excellent opportunity for any social engineer out there. Or a community organizer, which is the same thing.

The left feels no compassion, only false pity.

Obama and his ilk care not for the individual who is suffering. They look at things at a macroscopic scale. What benefits society? Forcing half of the populace to starve? If that is the case, then so be it, according to basic Kindergarten level Marxism.

Uneducated poor fools are easier to re-educate.

These starving people celebrate the coming of a man who is the leader of the free world and has never known hunger. They praise his name in hopes that he will alleviate their suffering, as he is their own son. But suffering, challenge, and strife are the most important pillars of social Marxism. And a man like Obama knows that such are necessary for the sake of "progress".

If only they knew...

If only Kenyans knew what sort of man it was they celebrate. What he really stood for. That he considered them fodder for his leftist aims. If only.

But a free people cannot depend on others to survive, or they are not free. Pray that Kenyans, and others in "third world" countries understand that eventually.

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