Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bordering on Inanity

It seems those who call the Constitution a “living document,” and set to prove the axiom by continually attempting to throttle the life out of it, have no problem arguing about the intent of the Founding Fathers concerning the rights of citizens inherent in the Second Amendment. However, when it comes to the Fourteenth Amendment, by golly, that one’s tighter than Hillary Clinton’s security rope at a campaign stop in a flyover state.

She does still has time to campaign while she’s not busy shredding subpoenas and hard drives, doesn’t she?

Does anyone sincerely believe that the framers of the Fourteenth amendment, nearly 150 years ago, could conceive of a scenario in which someone from Tripoli with no ties to the United States could give birth while flying in a plane over U.S. Airspace, and her child would then instantly have all the rights of a freed slave, a person born of U.S. citizens, or one who legally immigrated and went through the process of applying for citizenship? They would most likely think it was time to exercise their Second Amendment right to defend themselves and shoot down that huge flying metal bird.

If there ever was a time to reassess the purpose of an amendment forged during the Reconstruction Era, it is now. Unfortunately, citizenship joins the muddy pool among terms such as human life, gender, race, reasonable force, right, religious freedom, separation of powers, and in the case of the Clintons, the word, “is,” that are being redefined by the loudest (leftist) activists on any given day.

In another forum, I came across the following among the comments on an article, attributed to a “Dseel1.”

So a Mexican woman, born in Mexico with a Mexican birth certificate, educated in Mexico with a diploma from a Mexican high school and a degree from a Mexican college, who is legally married in Mexico to a Mexican man with a Mexican marriage certificate, whose home address is in Mexico, who pays Mexican income tax, Mexican property tax and Mexican sales tax, carrying Mexican issued credit cards, driving with a Mexican driver’s license, working in Mexico for a Mexican employer, registered in Mexico to vote in Mexican elections, and traveling under a Mexican passport can illegally enter the United States 39 weeks pregnant, push out a kid, and claim to fall within the “under the jurisdiction thereof” clause of the 14th Amendment.

Apparently she can, and if you question it, Mr. Sanchez, you, sir, are a racist.

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