Thursday, September 10, 2015

I've been assuming Obama's a traitor... but what if he's not?

I think the "Iran Agreement", along with its attendant secret side deals, is likely as horrible as our conservative brethren have led us to believe.  

And I've never thought Obama has had our best interests at heart, not even in a "misguided" way. I've been operating on the understanding that he's actively hostile to me and mine, to our way of life, and to all that we treasure as Americans.

But what if I'm wrong?

I'm not saying "what if the Iran Agreement is really a good thing" - oh no, there's no way to stretch my mind around that paradox - rather I'm saying "what if he's been given no choice". And I don't mean "given no choice" by some sort of puppetmaster(s), be they whichever NWO global conspiracy shadow org you prefer, no I mean "given no choice" in the sense of he's either being blackmailed personally or some hostile force has got him over a barrel so he's got to deal for some degree of safety for our nation.

If he's advancing the Iran Agreement because he's being personally blackmailed, then he's more of a dishonest coward than I thought, and eventually the horrible truth will come out, and everyone will be worse for wear.  I think this unlikely, so I'm going to skip speculating on what he might potentially be blackmailed about.

If he's advancing the Iran Agreement in actual defense of our country, willing to take the personal slings and arrows of this particular outrageous fortune, then that would be surprisingly brave, albeit by my own standards still not the honorable route to take. 

But what would such a particular situation portend?  What would be the prerequisites? 

It would mean that some hostile force has already got us by the throat, and that he's grasping to keep control, probably to keep the economy from crashing and the general population from complete and total stark raving panic.

Let's speculate (key word there: "speculate")...  

For Obama's behavior in high office to NOT be (IMHO) outright treason would require something along the lines of any of the following (pick at least one, multiple selections are allowed, and you can write in your own):

*  Our government knows the Sino-Soviet Split was fake, and was a strategy to (in part) get us to finance our own demise, which we've been doing at least since the Cold War ended, maybe as far back as 1972 when Nixon normalized our relationship with China, and possibly since the early '60s. It would also imply that China and Russia, possibly spurred on by losses they incurred with the economic catastrophe of the PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain), are already secretly "calling the note" on America, which we simply cannot pay. Russia's ire with OPEC, and OPEC's understandable hostility towards our advanced fracking technology (due to it bringing down petroleum prices) are likely linked to those parts of the agreement which allow Iran to (at least on paper) explore generating power via nuclear reactors. Bankrupting our own coal-powered electric plants has got to fit into this somehow - it just HAS to!

*  Our government knows dirty bombs and possibly nukes have already made it across our borders, and our cities, ports, and industrial areas are being held hostage without our knowledge.

*  Our government knows - because it's already public knowledge - that ALL the big hostile Muslim groups want war to break out since they see it as an integral part of their apocalyptic vision of the coming of the global Caliphate. They also know that there are numerous members of the Muslim Brotherhood occupying positions of high authority in our own government.  In other words, functioning as a machine, our government itself is acting more as a hostile force against our people than as our defender.  There is, of course, plenty of historical precedence for such a situation. Thankfully, given the diverse and (small-"d") democratic nature of our society this is of course not universally true.  But our enemies know that (off the battlefield) chaos is generally more their ally than ours, and they're working diligently to (again) have us fund our own demise.

*  The catch-all: "Some other conspiracy theory NOT based on science-fiction, fantasy, or a complete misunderstanding of human nature."

So ask yourself:  Is Obama actually a hero struggling vainly against truly overwhelming opposition in defense of the common good?

Or have we been right about him all along?


As soon as I published this article, Twitter user Jerm Hudson immediately fired back with one heck of a difficult question, and gave me permission to quote him:

My best guess, which isn't saying much, is that it could be Obama's Neville Chamberlain-ish attempt at appeasement, thinking (wrongly of course) that a weaker America won't pose such a threat to our enemies and maybe they'll leave us alone blah blah blah perhaps?  

I hit a wall with this one. 

"Devil's Advocate" speculations are both solicited and welcome in the comments. As are, of course, any reason you can think of why my basic premise is complete hooey. 


  1. None of this is Obama's doing. He's a figurehead, a meat puppet, a glib Pinocchio finagled into office to facilitate the agenda of the people who hold his strings. Chiefest among these would be Tehran born Valerie Jarrett and the jewish traitor and Nazi co conspirator
    George Soros. NONE of this is Obama's idea or machination....but he IS a WILLING accomplice to all this because he IS MUSLIM.

  2. Who cares if some old generals retire; they will be replaced by younger generals. It is unlikely that anyone who has devoted 20 years or so of service to the nation and Constitution would throw it all away in order to support the President against the Constitution.

  3. the blackmail is older than 0bama's occupancy. How long has China been getting MFN status?