Saturday, February 27, 2016

We The People

WE, not THEY
I have been attacked incessantly for days on the Twitter by my fellow right-leaning, conservative type bloggers, journos, and whatnot. Because I went ahead and endorsed Trump. It was mostly tongue-in-cheek originally, but I talked myself in to over the last couple weeks and I am sincerely supporting Trump now.
With the full knowledge that Trump will probably be an ineffectual president. I've said as much many times. I know it, you know it, anyone intelligent knows it. But the reasoning here has nothing to do with Trump's merits and everything to do with the other candidates' failings. 

Once upon a time, a group of middle-aged men, sweating half to death in an age without air conditioning, framed a document that would go on to produce the greatest nation on Earth. Ever. They had this idea in their heads, and maybe they were simple idealists, that We the People would henceforth declare and decide our own self-interests.

"We the People" is the most important and powerful phrase ever written outside of the Bible itself. It is We the People who decide our destiny as a people and as a nation. And for too long, We the People have been sort of lazy to let things get to the point where it is. So much so, that the party of the Constitution is now almost as blue as the Democratic party itself. How does this happen? 

Two ways. First, many of us haven't been voting in primaries, so we allow whoever to get to the nomination without much say in the process. Second, if someone unpalatable gets that nomination, many of us just don't vote. Then we spend the next 4 years complaining about whoever wins.

We the People is not just a great phrase, it is absolutely a charge to each and everyone of us, the People, that we own this. We own whatever government we have. It is We who choose it, and it is We who are at fault when that government performs horribly. Because it is a government for, by, and of the People. 

It is a serious charge. We, the regular People, have limited resources and limited access to power. As such, we have very limited effect on policy. Today, the people who do have that access to policy decisions are rarely effected by them. They don't suffer from bad education policy, because their kids go to the best private schools. They don't worry about Obamacare, because they have a special health care system just for them. They don't care about illegal immigration, because no senator will be replaced by an illegal immigrant or even an h1b immigrant. 

They who make these decisions live in their own little world. And the real world they create is the one that We the People have to live in. And we have not been holding them accountable for it. We vote for an R or a D, and that is about as deep into the process as most of We the People get into it.

I look at the R candidates, since the D candidates are pretty much unelectable, and I see the Trump alternatives being two senators, one of which (Rubio) is very inexperienced in anything other than being a half term senator (like Obama was). The other I very much supported, until his lies caught up with him. So I conclude Trump at this point, and as I have argued before, Trump, even if he might be an ineffectual president, will force the R party to take us, We the People, seriously. To tell them that "if you do not listen to us, you will pay for it". 

That is the Trump vote. That is the reason I am supporting the Trump vote. Trump himself and the stuff he says...yeah great if he builds a wall that's nice. Mostly I just want him to win and then just sit there in the Oval Office twiddling his thumbs. 

The simple fact is, at some point, We the People must assert our constitutional power. Until and unless we do, then we have no control at all. If you vote for anyone else but Trump, you are affirming the tone-deaf establishment. You are telling them what they knew all along. That "We the People" are a joke, and peons not worth paying attention to.


  1. What "lies" exactly are you claiming "caught up" with Cruz? Please elaborate.

  2. So you are taking the more evil of the two lessers? What lies are you claiming caught up with Cruz?

  3. I crack up every time I hear a Trumpkin accuse another candidate of "lying"......

  4. Like when he claims that Trump University doesn't have a D- rating from the BBB. Even when presented with the actual document he keeps saying "That isn't true". DJT lies often, shamelessly without even blinking an eye.

  5. Yea, but he's not going to sit there twiddling his thumbs. He's got plans. "Amazing plans." We have no idea what they are or how he's going to implement them, but he's promising us that they're amazing.

    Hope and Plans isn't much different from Hope and Change.