Saturday, October 8, 2016

Guest Blogger: The First Trump/Clinton Debate - I was the Loser

The following was submitted to us on 9/26/16 by Mordecai Gallows.

I made two massive mistakes tonight, folks. And that’s not me normally. Like many people, at times my life has seemed like an endless series of micro-mistakes and mini-mishaps but, nothing major like what occurred this evening.

I fell “off the wagon.” And I wasn’t even riding on it.

Mistake number one resulted from “actively engaging” in the first debate tonight between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I watched some of it while making dinner for the wife and myself, and listened to nearly all of it, at least what I could hear over my raucous ranting and my wife insisting, in a not so calm way, that I calm down.

Well, from some subconscious level I heard a commanding voice saying,

“Remember your stash.”

Unfortunately, I did remember and proceeded to retrieve an old treasure, a well aged bottle of Germain-Robin Fine Alambic Brandy, which I proceeded to “actively engage” with. It didn’t take long for the wife to retreat to the bedroom but, not before mistake number two.

In a “debate rage” I had disclosed my stash location, my “secret place” where I keep trinkets like guns and guitars that I simply don’t want to have to explain to the wife how we can afford these which of course, leads to whole other undesirable conversations. I also don’t want to continue a former bad habit of using my old standard,

“Oh, this gun, honey? Oh, I’ve had this for a long time.”

I had long ago retired my fabrications and relied on the simple wisdom of the old adage, “out of sight, out of mind.”

Naturally, this fall off the wagon has resulted in a scheduled time tomorrow for some very undesirable conversations during which, of course, I will feverishly attempt to lead away from by talking about tonight’s debate. Knowing how that distraction technique will probably be unsuccessful, I’d like to share some of my thoughts with you while I still have a semblance of a brain to think with.

My name, Mordecai Gallows, is symbolic of the irony of Hillary Clinton and nearly all the other “progressive” folks out there. It comes from the Book of Esther in the Old Testament.

In a nutshell, Haman, an exalted follower of King Artexerxes, hated Mordecai for being a Jew that wouldn’t bow to him and idolize his position of power. Haman concocted a plan and made it be known that he would have all the Jews in the kingdom slaughtered. Haman then still insisted that Mordecai cower to him which Mordecai refused to do. 

After expressing his fury that night, Haman’s wife suggested he build a massive gallows upon which to hang Mordecai, so Haman built the gallows. On the day the King found out from his new Queen Esther, that she’s a Jew and Mordecai‘s niece, and about Haman’s devious plan to kill all the Jews and hang Mordecai, The King had Haman hung on the very gallows Haman had built to hang Mordecai.

Similarly, the now very openly expressed devious plans that these “progressive” cultural Marxists think will destroy us and traditional America, are exactly what will destroy them and their plans, or at least send them into hiding for quite some time.

Mordecai’s gallows that Haman built became Haman’s destruction.
The Marxists’ devious plans are becoming their destruction.

When evil thinking, oppressive behavior and criminal acts are exposed, liberty loving citizens react.

In the debate, when Hillary was challenged about her lack of stamina, and she referred to her massive amount of experience (I’m paraphrasing) as SOS, listing her busy schedule, traveling to 112 countries, negotiating for America and spending 12 hours in congressional hearings, I may have woken up the man in the moon. I was screaming for Trump to remind her and the American people what the hearings were for. She conveniently ignores the fact that they were serious inquiries about her criminally negligent behavior regarding Benghazi and her email scandal.

But, Trump didn’t remind her.

When Hillary defended the Iran nuclear deal and insinuated that she laid the groundwork for this amazing deal that resulted in a much more peaceful Middle East, I was screaming for Trump to ask why they waited 5 years to conclude the deal if she was such a great negotiator that had paved the way for this greater peace in the region. Why didn’t she just make it happen in 2010 or 2011?

But, Trump didn’t ask.

When Hillary harangued Trump in a Jake Tapperish style, repeating and repeating that Trump should reveal his tax returns, I was screaming for Trump to say sternly that he’s been audited by the IRS every year for the past 15 years and there’s no reason to discuss it further since it’s not required and the IRS knows everything they need to know. And, immediately after announcing his candidacy, he disclosed his financial records as expected of all presidential candidates.

But, Trump didn’t say.

Hillary’s fabrications, faux pass’s and fantasy notions need to be exposed and driven home in these debates by Trump, and by us shouting from the rooftops.

So, my take on their first debate tonight?

Hillary was sleazy, Trump was too easy.

There’s much more I could point out but, you get the gist of my frustration. Plus, my voice is really hoarse now.

I may have to find out where my wife hid the brandy.

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