Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The "Ostrich" Christians

Amir Tsarfati is a Jew and a Biblical scholar who believes Jesus is the Messiah.

Many years ago he received Christ as his Lord and Savior and since then, he travels the world sharing the Gospel, his testimony and prophetic elements of the Bible relating to current events in the world and in Israel, his home country.

Listen to his video message on our presidential election. Because he's a Christian and a great friend to the United States of America, I find his perspective to be very profound.

It's about eight minutes.

Now, am I a part of a small handful of folks who have noticed a clever tactic of the "father of lies," and his protege, the Democrat/Republican Uni-Party, that convinces Christians it's "hateful" to be aware of and discuss the anti-Christian, anti-traditional America and anti-national sovereignty attitudes and actions of Hillary Clinton and those of that same global elite mindset?

I've heard so many brothers and sisters in Christ say they just can't vote for either Trump or Clinton. They get annoyed just discussing it because it's "so negative," so I see them go back to burrowing their heads in the ground.

Thus, I've deemed them,  the "Ostrich" Christians.

Of course, I always remind them that a no vote is a vote for Clinton.

And a vote for Planned "Unparenthood," the TPP, open borders, the North American Union, the Muslim Caliphate, Sharia law, freedom of restricted government allowed speech and religion, the executive and judicial (via the Supreme Court) abolishing of the second amendment, the 180 degree change in course completely away from the founding principles of our nation, trans-everything Godly, men who struggle to decide which bathroom to use this hour, the White House lit up in the rainbow colors, a cozy relationship with countries that support throwing homosexuals off roofs and stoning women to death, etc, etc, etc.

Let's ask Ambassador Chris Stevens who he's voting for!

I realize that neither Trump nor Clinton can "save" this nation. It's in God's hands.

But, as Christians, aren't we God's hands in this world?

I believe Jesus is the only true answer to our country's woes.

And most certainly, Donald Trump is no Jesus. But, I do view him as a type of modern day Nehemiah.

With God's blessing and guidance, and your vote, he will build a wall.

And rebuild our "wall of liberty."

For Christians, the liberty to serve the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as we are led by Him.

For all citizens, the liberty to pusue happiness as we see fit, while respecting the life, property, safety and beliefs of others.

So, to all you "Ostrich" Christians out there, pull your heads out and make your feet follow your faith in God.


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