Friday, November 4, 2016

Guest Blogger: The Fallacy of the Never Trump Vote

This article was submitted to us by Ravi Crux:

I realize the near impossibility of persuading the committed NeverTrump voter, but I would be remiss if an attempt was not made.  This is perhaps the most important election of our lifetime, so this effort will not be in vain.  Most importantly, the consequences and implications of each and every vote may have dire and long lasting effects that will haunt America for generations.


Looking back with hindsight, who could have guessed that this would be the nominee.  Yes, Mr. Trump had many supporters from the beginning, but one would suspect if they honestly felt that he was going to make it through the primaries.  Total war, is the only phrase that comes to mind when considering that journey.


For decades, many of the voters that consider themselves Conservative or Right-Wing have followed the party line.  They have voted for establishment candidates that ran for office.  They even granted large voting efforts to grant the desires of those candidates that were successful.  The House was given, the Senate was given, and a large ground swell of right wing support rose to the cause to fight back liberalism. 


What was done with these precious gifts?  Did the establishment leaders pull out all the stops to fight against a deeply liberal president?  Did they stop Obamacare?  Did they end funding for Planned Parenthood?  Did they fix the Veterans Affairs department?  Did they stop the President from using Executive Orders to push his immigration agenda?  Did they stop the internet control from moving to oppressive foreign powers?  Did they even stop the flood in immigrants from countries that teach dangerous ideologies? The answer is clearly No.

 "Little did they realize, they were in the eye of a hurricane.  Donald Trump was that hurricane."

There has been some success in areas like gun control, but largely, the establishment leaders all failed to put up a good fight.  Yes, they ceremonially voted to shut down Obamacare many times.  Yes, they are not voting for his final Supreme Court choice.  But let's be clear: most of this was for show.  The timing of all their actions were politically motivated, in their own self-interests, not the interests of Americans.  Where there is a will, there is a way.  Our right wing leaders have lost their way.


Thus began the primary season.  Seventeen citizens from various walks of life rose to the occasion to fight for the nomination.  They geared up for a tough, rigorous fight against establishment candidates provided by conservative and other right wing leaders.  But there was something in the air, that just did not add up.  All of these citizens seeking office had prepared for a rainstorm.  Little did they realize, they were in the eye of a hurricane.  Donald Trump was that hurricane.


Blistering debate after blistering debate, Donald Trump hacked and slashed his way through seasoned and well-funded opponents. During this time, any candidate that moved from the pack and tried to attack Donald directly, instantly lost in polling and support that same week.  This continued time and time again, until the last two standing.  Trump and Cruz slugged it out for weeks, both playing mind games and trading wild accusations and opinions.  However in the end, Trump won.


What can be learned from the Primaries?  First: traditional tactics, either clean or dirty, failed to stick. Ted Cruz used his super PAC to put out many rumors about Trump.  Trump did the work himself, but using a variety of “questions” when discussing Ted Cruz.  On a personal note, I actually liked Ted Cruz.  However he lost my support when he was caught cheating Ben Carson in Iowa.  I personally do not mind mud slinging, but flat out cheating is my “line in the sand.” 


Second:  trying to outspend your opponent was not effective.  We can ask Jed Bush and Marco Rubio about this one.  Millions upon millions of dollars were spent to try to squash Trump, but this tactic again failed. 


Third:  the voters' anger toward the government was revealed.  Not one of the other candidates really grasped this by the hand and ran with it, save Donald Trump.  And as the primaries went on it became apparent that the anger the voters were feeling was being ignored by the establishment, thus unleashing the power of their vote.


Fourth: Donald Trump was given leniency by voters, for the things he would say, because he was not a seasoned politician.  His opponents stuck to pre-written, pre-strategized, and pre-approved talking points that came across as 'the same ole thing.' This clearly hurt all of them, as the temperature of the electorate was looking for real change. 


Finally: If a non-politician, that runs his mouth and debates with a fire in his belly, can run through all those qualified candidates with ease, then how could they ever hope to stand the onslaught of political pain that the left had prepared to enact? Not a chance.  It is easy to suspect that the voters were aware.


Let's add some additional context.  During this primary, it was widely known that the liberals had already chosen their nominee in Hillary Clinton.  Yes, Bernie Sanders did draw massive crowds and take a lot of votes, but the final result was already pre-determined.  Collusion with the DNC, miraculous coin flips, and already confirmed super-delegates had already cast the mold for this election cycle.  Each of the Republican nominees were clearly aware that their foe would be Hillary Clinton in the general election.

 "Weakness was not a characteristic that many voters really cared to support."

It is also widely known that Hillary had been setting up her election machine for years.  Groups upon groups, more donations than Scrooge McDuck, and thanks to Project Veritas and Wikileaks we have violent paid protests and voter fraud all waiting for whoever would become her lucky opponent.


One would not find it a stretch to assume that there would also be a string of women lined up waiting to accuse whichever candidate was in her way.  She has spent years, millions of dollars, and gotten into bed with an army of people in the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, main stream media and celebrities.  She is coming with both guns, fully loaded.


With Hillary's bullies all lined up and ready to march, how many of the Republican nominees would have been able to stand even one-fifth of what Mr. Trump has?  Believe it or not, Jeb Bush would be the easiest target.  Consider this:  Who wants another Bush in office?  Also, there is still so much residual hate for George W. Bush that this theme would have crushed him early on.  Yes, he would have been well funded, but again that did not even cause a dent in the primaries.


What about Marco Rubio?  Well, he is a well spoken, smart politician with a good vision for the future.  He is also the only person that was pointing out all the failing of the democrats, specifically that those failings were intentional.  But Mr. Rubio's voting history is atrocious.  Remember, he spent more time doing other things, then actually voting on issues before the senate.  On the rumor front, remember the foam party and rumors of drug connections?  I do, and bet your ass the Clinton's did as well.


John Kasich was a liberal in disguise.  Though he did do some decent work balancing budgets, he failed in the backbone category.  He came across as the easy going grandpa that just wants everyone to get along.  Weakness was not a characteristic that many voters really cared to support.

 "From the second that Donald Trump won enough delegates to seal the nomination, you could hear the party split in two."

Ted Cruz was perhaps the biggest potential threat to a Hillary Clinton administration.  Extremely smart, well researched, and could remember almost anything anyone said with rapid recall.  In the beginning he appeared to be a stand up guy.  Mr. Cruz even has a reputation of being hated by the establishment, for constantly fighting them and calling them out during sessions.


However, a few things plagued Mr. Cruz.  First, more than realized, the cheating of Ben Carson really left a bad taste in the voters mouth.  Once this was exposed and capitalized on by Donald Trump, you could nearly seal the deal.  Using old school campaign tactics was a poor choice and this made him look like more of the same. 


Also, he was tied to the Bush family.  During this election cycle, this was a negative.  Next, his wife is tied to big banks.  The American voter is tired of big dollar corporate and banking interests influencing elections, so this too was a determent. 


Then there was the mud-slinging.  Back and forth they went, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.  I must admit that it was a bit of a circus, but I waited with baited breathe to see what would be said next.  Mr. Trump even implied at one point that Ted Cruz' father was linked to the Kennedy assassination. 


I saw the photo, and must admit to a curiosity that arose. But shrugged that allegation off.  The biggest issue was “Wifegate.”  A super PAC from the Cruz camp shared photos of Mr. Trumps wife, in an attempt to dissuade voters.  Then Mr. Trump made comments about Mr. Cruz' wife.  Ted Cruz took this to heart and as a deep personal insult.  Who can blame him?  But if you think that the candidates are not in contact with their super PACs then you are na├»ve. 


So, who really threw the first punch in “Wifegate?”


This was a small taste of what awaited Ted Cruz if he was the nominee.  If he was so easily hurt, distracted and shocked by such an attack, how do you think he would fare against Clinton's Army?  Seriously ask yourself that.  Did Mr. Cruz have the testicular fortitude to handle all the mysterious allegations heading his way?  Like I mentioned, I liked the guy but I really think that he would have faded into the night, not fighting as vigorously and with as much fire as this electorate wants this cycle.


All of this constant verbal warfare made a mess of the Republican party.  From the second that Donald Trump won enough delegates to seal the nomination, you could hear the party split in two.  This was no small tear; this was loud and lethal.  A large portion of the party became “Trumplicans,” while the rest filed into the establishment's corner plotting a coup. 


This split exposed the establishment types for not paying attention to what many in their party had been begging for-- to be heard.  Had any of candidates spent less time battling Mr. Trump and more time actually listening and acting upon what they heard, we might have had a different nominee.

 "Conscience voters...appear to be vain optimists with the assumption that America will survive four years of Clinton's liberal agenda."

But we don't.  We have Donald J. Trump as the Republican nominee for this presidential election cycle.  And even though we have voted for whichever candidate was slung onto the stage by the party in the past, always supporting them and backing them up, we still find ourselves in that split during the primary.  For all practical purposes, Trump is the only candidate going up against Clinton.  Voting Third Party, as a right wing voter, is merely a vote for Hillary Clinton.


Liberal bullies have been spouting since his nomination that: Trump is an idiot, a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a xenophobe, a sexual predator, and an islamophobe.  Those who refuse to accept Trump also add their voices to the liberal echo chamber, thus causing additional consternation.  They add this logic to their arsenal, then rephrase as a “vote for conscience.”  There are only two choices with any chance to win, so a third party or a liberal vote will lead to the destruction of the United States of America as we know it.


What does a “vote for conscience” really mean?  Does it mean that Trump is so bad, that Clinton is the superior selection?  Are the NeverTrump voters saying that it is okay to lead to the destruction of the constitution: the first, second and possibly third amendments?  Considering the high level of traitorous corruption and malicious intent offered by Clinton, with zero shame, how can one even consider the possibility of her having that much power? 


Conscience voters, in this respect, appear to be vain optimists with the assumption that America will survive four years of Clinton's liberal agenda.  That is where this NeverTrump logic fails, miserably.

 "The ONLY way to stop this madness is to NOT allow her to get into office in the first place."

In four years of a Hillary Clinton presidency, we will have a flood of Syrian immigrants.  The amounts she will import are that of a small army.  She will also open up the southern border as part of her plan to create an open hemisphere.  Supreme Court justices will be appointed to back up her agenda.  They will support the executive orders she will give to start tearing down the second amendment. She will support laws that will expand “Birthday Abortions.” 


Think about that. She will support actual murder. Obamacare will still be the law of the land, crushing the middle class into more debt and despair.  Conservative radio and websites will come under government attack.  Religious freedoms will be regulated into dust. You will lose more freedoms in four years, than was gained through history leading up to the creation of this country.  That is all she needs, four years of unchecked power.


But, but, but... we have congress to shut her down and fight her all the way!  You mean the same congress that was so effective against Barack Obama?  You mean the same congressmen that have the same financial ties, and deals as the liberals?  No.  Most of the House and the Senate lack the spine to do what is right.  If they did, Clinton would have been unable to even run for office.  Our elected officials have sold America up the river.


So, I ask: Who is going to keep Clinton in check? With a weak congress and Supreme Court, who is going to rise to the challenge?  Who can steal her executive order pen?  If I held my breath waiting for a real answer, I would die.  The ONLY way to stop this madness is to NOT allow her to get into office in the first place. 


A Hillary Clinton presidency will do irreparable damage to this country.  Countless jobs will be lost, freedoms will be lost, and lives will be lost.  So many things will fail, never to be restored again.  The population alone will be so drastically changed, that there may never be another opportunity for a conservative or right-winged politician to ever win the oval office.  Yet you still refuse to offer your support?  You still claim that you are voting your conscience?


Common arguments against Trump include the locker room talk caught on tape. Yeah, the conversation was unseemly.  Yes, one can even call it horrible.  Yes, Trump was crap-talking about sex, which many people in the country do whether they choose to admit it or not.  But disqualifying?  There are books on the language Hillary Clinton uses around people.  The filth that spills from her mouth would make a person's blood curdle.  So if Clinton says nasty things, it is okay? 

 "How many billionaire owners do you know, that built their company the way Trump did, lack a good temperament?"

Another argument is all of the women that have come forward to suggest that Trump committed various forms of sexual assault on them.  First thing to note is the timing.  Consider this:  Trump has been rich for decades.  Many rich people will tell you that they are often the target of accusations, just because of their wealth.  Yet, we have never heard of such an accusation about Trump before.  Yes, he has had some rough marriages, but that hardly weighs into this discussion. 


All of these women had decades in many cases to come forward.  Everyone would have instantly supported their case, because America does like to see someone stick it to the rich.  They could have even revealed their grievances once he sealed up the republican nomination, but they did not.  They waited until their alleged assaults were politically advantageous, thus using them a currency.  Liberal lawyers and the democrat party actually planned this all out. 


What kind of person using their own sexual assault as political currency?  I am judging the full validity of these accusations, but their actions in this matter make all of their claims extremely suspect.  Keep in mind, that many of the claims have already been debunked by other eye witnesses.  All the liberals have done, by using sexual assault as political currency, is damage to women suffering from these cases.


Trump does not have the temperament! How many billionaire owners do you know, that built their company the way Trump did, lack a good temperament?  If you look at most of the times that Trump was accused of lacking a proper temperament, it will likely correlate to a statement that is bluntly stating his position on some issue. 


Time after time people at home are yelling at their television or radio, “Why didn't they say that?!”  Trump is the first politician in a long time that speaks plainly.  If you couple that with a history of negotiating thousands of successful deals in a difficult business, his temperament is acceptable.

 "Just because a person points out the problems that exist in specific populations, does not mean that he has damned the entirety."

Trump is a racist, an islamophobe, and a xenophobe! Building a wall is not racist.  Pointing out that thousands of people who have crossed that border have killed, brought drugs, or committed other crimes is not racism.  Crossing our border illegally, the act in itself is a crime.  The largest population crossing that border happens to be from South American countries and Mexico.  So to imply racism from this, is merely name calling for name calling sake.


The “religion of peace,”  has about 1.2 billion followers.  It has been estimated that only 25% of these followers are considered  radical extremists.  That would make that population about 300 million radical extremists.  Compare this number to the entire population of the United States, which is roughly  320 million. 


Let that sink in.  There is a group of people as large as the population of the entire United states, that has a stated goal of raping and killing each and every one of us.  Some of the immigrants have even acted on this, as well as indoctrinated native born citizens to do just that.  Also consider that if only 25% of that population is the problem, then what are the other nearly 1 billion followers doing to stop it?


Just because a person points out the problems that exist in specific populations, does not mean that he has damned the entirety.  Trump is merely pushing the view that these activities are causing permanent changes and damages to American citizens.  These damages will have long lasting effects until these issues are dealt with in a serious manner.  Hillary Clinton is on record supporting an additional influx of these populations. She is openly inviting more horrors to be inflicted upon the American public. Again, if she gets her way, America will be lost.


For those of you who do not think Trump is conservative enough I beg to differ.  Just listen or read his Gettysburg address. In fact the National Review, an extremely conservative website, gives a thorough review.  Ending corruption, term limits, lower taxes, border control, and better trade deals are just some of the highlights. 


Hillary Clinton is offering more of the same, a third Obama term.  More suffering, more immigration, more refugees, higher taxes, more regulation on guns and religion and freedom of speech, and so many more dreadful things are being proposed in her policies.  She is not even on the same plane of existence.  Trump is far superior in this respect.


Even though many of the NeverTrumper know all of this, they still maintain that sabotaging his candidacy is the correct course of action.  They steadfastly point out that Hillary Clinton will be easily defeated when she runs for a second term.  As one person puts it, “You can put Dorothy with a pitcher of water up against Hillary and win.” Are you so sure?


This bloc of voters has been awoken.  The fire that was sparked during the primaries from years of being ignored will crush the establishment segment of the Republican party, because of their actions. I offer this prediction.  This is the last time you will get the Trump voter to come to the polls.  This is the last time you will see people switch from democrat to republican just because of Trump. 


This will be the last time that the largest minority population will vote for a right-wing candidate, since the '60s.  These voters will not support any candidate that had even the smallest hand in the uprooting of support for Trump.  So assuming that the candidate who would theoretically run against Hillary in the next cycle is NeverTrump is bad logic.


If Hillary Clinton is elected, this will be the last American election.  This is the big one we always feared; the election to end all elections.  Totalitarianism will be in full effect by the time she unleashes her spiders deeper into our corrupt system. But you still won't see the forest for the trees.  You still want to play games with American lives. You still want to “vote your conscience.”  You refuse to see that this perspective is shortsighted and dangerous.


Well, I am voting my conscience.  I am voting to stop the insanity.  I am voting to save our freedoms for another day.  I am voting to protect American lives.  I am voting to drain the swamp of corrupted politicians in government.  If you ask me, a real “conscience voter” can see the reality of a Hillary Clinton presidency and vote against her to end it. 


I am voting Trump.

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