Tuesday, December 27, 2016

In The Battle Over Gun Rights, Only One Side Has Any Ammo.

The tolerant left love telling you what you can and can not do, say or even think. Until they disagree with what you do, say or think.

Take Mr. Garvey here for instance. Brian Garvey disagrees with the second amendment, enough in point of fact to actually advocate the wholesale murder of as much as half of the country because he wants the government to have a monopoly on force. Which is funny, considering how I'm pretty sure he would be happy to  declare his  political enemies to be fascist authoritarians in a bit of classic projection.

That is speculation of course. Maybe on every issue other than gun control Mr. Garvey is a rock ribbed conservative, I doubt it... but it is possible. The real meat of the issue is that the pro gun control side of the debate, at least the side that doesn't think gun control means using two hands, have so very few facts to base their statements on.

Of course they love to claim that the founders had no way to imagine the way technology would progress, they will state that the 2nd amendment was written with musket technology in mind and nothing more. Well, we could then make the same argument around the 1st amendment and the printing press.... It would be disingenuous  though, since the Puckle gun predates the declaration of independance, never mind the constitution and bill of rights.

Kleck and Gertz estimated defensive gun use at between 2.1 and 2.5 million instances per year in the 90's. The 2013 study performed by the CDC under president Obama even reaffirmed that defensive gun use  is a significant deterret to crime. Cook and Ludwig actually place the number significantly higher at upward of 4.5 million uses!

But self defense isn't the point of  the point of the 2nd amendment, and the laconic wit arguing with Brian Garvey makes the case far more succinctly than I have here (oh, to be Dickens and paid by the word.). The 2nd amendment is the historical protection of all our other liberties, the last resort against tyranny, across the world and through out time from sword bans in pre-industrial Japan, to Hitler banning the private ownership of firearms by civilians the right to bear arms is the enemy of the enemies of freedom.

When it comes right down to it, Brian Garvey, the 2nd amendment protects us from authoritarian fascists, y'know, like you.

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