Friday, May 12, 2017


So it's that time of year again, where it is time to pay the bills to keep this site up.

Problem is, it doesn't really make any money since people aren't writing much any more.

I could take this time to apologize for my own lack of writing lately, but why would I do that? I am the boss. I hired all of these people to do it for me.

Anyways, since we need to pull in some dough around here, I am going to have to write some things myself, apparently. Since these unpaid slaves workers are slacking off so badly.

To start with, McCain, bless his cold dead heart, issued a rather lengthy statement about how he refused to vote for the confirmation of President Trump's trade representative, Robert Lighthizer. Citing stupid crap like "oh you don't appreciate NAFTA enough" or some garbage like that. (Seriously...someone did not pay attention to the election here).

Now most people just shrugged about it and were like "meh", since there was never any serious resistance to confirming him. I mean he was confirmed yesterday with like a vote of 80 to 20 or something.

But the point here is that McCain and Sasse (did I mention Sasse was in on this silliness too?) did what they had to do to make their corporate donors happy. Meaning, issuing a strongly worded letter and a couple of protest votes that in the end amount to nothing.

Now why would that make anyone happy? I mean, overall, Lighthouser isn't exactly a controversial figure. Heck, I don't even know how to spell or pronounce his name.

Well, if you follow the money a bit, you find out that McCain and Sasser are heavily supported by the US Chamber of Commerce, and specifically by the agricultural lobby.

Contrary to popular belief, the agricultural lobby is not about protecting farmers and the sale of produce in the US. No, they are more interested in making their globalist corporate backers rich as crazy by cranking up US food prices and jettisoning what they can't sell here onto an unsuspecting world.

There is a reason why an orange in the US costs a dollar, but is only like a nickle in Vietnam.

And garbage like NAFTA and many other ridiculous trade deals keep that dynamic going. So the idea was for McCain and Sasse to somehow get a bunch of senators to refuse a vote on Lightenhosen.

Except it didn't work and nobody intelligent even thought it would. I mean, there was nothing there to really get mad at the guy about. He'll do what President Trump tells him to do, and so it never even mattered who got confirmed for that position.

So why do it? The CoC and lobbyist groups needed an opportunity to flex their muscles a bit. They wanted to be sure certain individuals (like McCain and Sasse) were still on team globalist. They got their answer, Trump got his trade rep, and now here we are.

Seriously, the depth of this swamp that Trump is trying to drain is massive. The Donald has been treading shark-infested waters his entire career, so he can fight em pretty well. But to deal with this swamp, he's gonna need a bigger airboat.

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