Friday, July 27, 2012

A moment about guns, and chicken

I’m going to take a break from my future award winning series about liberal tolerance to throw down some of my thoughts on some recent events.  Some of which I’ve already given a bit, but I think it needs to be given more…than a bit.

That made no sense.   The smart thing for me to do would be to delete that last part and write it over, but you know I would probably screw that up too.  So I’m gonna move on.

It’s chick-fil-a not chick-fil-gay 
(Thank you, I’m really proud of that)

The amazing thing about the outrage in regards to CFA is how unsurprising it was to me that they didn’t support gay marriage.  This is a Christian company, that has never said any different.  Heck, most locations are closed on Sunday so their staff can attend church.  At this point it’s safe to assume 2 things.

#1 they believe in God
#2 they don’t believe in gay marriage

Now I’m not saying that all Christians believe in number 2, but I am saying it’s pretty safe to assume that.

My favorite quote so far has been from Lee Doren, I posted one of his videos before.  This quote just takes the cake though.

“People think Chick-fil-A should be banned from Boston & Chicago b/c the owners hold the same views that Obama held 6 months ago”.

This is the amazing thing; I remember when Obama came out to affirm gay marriage.  Everyone was patting themselves and him on the back and saying how great it was.  I kinda just stood up and asked, “yeah but is he gonna do anything about it”?  So far the answer is no.  I get it, it’s a big deal that a president sitting in office said gay marriage is OK with him, but this same guy has had conflicting views on the subject for the past 15 years.

Insert timely pun here that will get people angry because its too soon.
(I'm proud of that one also)

As for the Aurora shooting, all I have to say on that is it is bad, very bad.  Anyone who thinks that more laws will stop people from committing crimes already fails to realize that murdering one person, let alone 12 and injuring another few dozen is already on the books as a crime.  If they had a law restricting magazines to 20 bullets, he may not have killed as many people, but he still would have killed people.

Crazy is crazy.

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