Thursday, July 19, 2012


Its no secret, I hate Canada.  Now this isn’t the type of normal hate that comes from a friendly rivalry, I really hate Canada.  I hate Canada like most people hate their ex, or going to the dentist, or Michael Bay.

The reason I bring this up, is because there are some unconfirmed reports out there now about how CANADA HAS MORE WEALTH THAN AMERICANS!

This is Canada here guys.   I live right next door to Canada.  I thought I would give you guys some Canadian facts.

 #1 Their chief export is moose tracks!  Not the ice cream, literal moose tracks.

#2 Their prime minister got the job in a drinking contest!

#3 They still have pictures of the queen of England on their money!

#4 Canada has two seasons, winter, and double winter!

#5 Canada does have free healthcare, but what they don’t tell you is a Canadian dentist is just a guy with a door and a piece of string.

#6 Hockey, Curling, and something called Pine Cone Dancing are their national sports.

I just don’t understand how all this is possible.  How bad of a president do we have when Canada has a stronger dollar and more wealth than America?   You know its funny, liberals for years have been standing up and screaming about how America isn’t the greatest nation on earth, I never believed them till now. 

Canada really should be our minimum threshold for excellence, not the bar we need to reach.  This really should be Romney’s selling point.  “I will give us back the dignity we deserve as Americans, I will make sure we beat Canada at everything”!

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