Friday, July 20, 2012

Punchline Nuker Award

The time has come to select the best punchline nukers out there. The first will be selected tonight. It will be a weekly event unlike any in history (of this blog). Each week, a winner will be selected as the Punchline Nuker of the week. Your name will be immortalized for your ability to come up with the best punchlines to both the Straight Line of the Day at IMAO, as well as the straight lines placed on this blog.

Winners will receive this snazzy reward, with their name embossed upon it for all to see:

Tonight's winner will be chosen from all of those selected since the first Nuke the Punchline, so it is extra special. Starting next week, a new winner will be selected every Friday night. And if you aren't selected from IMAO's straight line, you can always try your luck with the Nuke the Punchline straight lines. Both count!

It's up to you. Do you have what it takes to be the best of the best? To have a beautiful mushroom cloud immortalizing your name forever and ever and ever (until the apes take over)?

Tonight the first winner will be announced. Be sure to wear a tuxedo or your best dress. You might be taking home the top prize.

Also: No speeches allowed. They are boring, and nobody really wants to listen to them.

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