Saturday, July 14, 2012

Why Republican Campaigns Are Weaksauce

Well let me tell you something! You are not being very nice Mr. Obama!

The news media is making a big deal right now about how Mitt Romney is getting all "fired up" and attacking Obama for both the Bain nonsense and the felony nonsense. By fired up, I mean he said some things directed towards Obama that were really cutting. I mean, below the belt! You know what Mitt said? He said...wait for it...he said that the accusations made by the Obama campaign were "untrue" and "beneath the dignity of the president".


Yeah, some real hardcore stuff there Mitt. Ranks up there with "I'll tell your mom!" and "If you don't stop making fun of me, I am going to start crying". He should have called Obama a "dastardly rogue", put on his top hat, and left with a very stern "Good day, sir!". That'll show 'em!

I think this weaksaucery, in his response to Obama's attacks, is exactly the sort of thing conservatives were worried about when it came to having Romney as our nominee. And the worst part is being so soft on opponents has been a problem in the Republican Party for years now. The last Republican presidential candidate I can think of that was actually feisty, was Ronald Regan. He was able to cut his Democrat opponent down to size, and even do it with grace and tact.

Unfortunately, Republicans have since focused on the grace and tact part, but forgot how to be feisty. It's one thing to "be above" the downright mud-slinging that the left engages in every election, but quite another to lose because one was afraid to defend themselves. Telling people that Obama isn't being fair just sounds like whining, no matter how true it is. 

What Romney needs to do is go on the attack himself, because he is facing Chicago politics which takes no prisoners and takes nothing off the table. Everyone says "Mitt should just focus on how he can help the economy". Nope. Mitt just needs to focus on how much of a complete and utter failure Obama is.

Like this suggestion I made on Tuesday:
I think Romney is really missing the bigger picture here. Obama is a complete and absolute failure of a president. That is really all Romney needs to tell people. He should enter a room in front of whatever people he is talking to that day and sniff at the air a bit and say, "Wow, it really smells like Obama and failure in here. Oh wait, those are the same thing.". Then walk away.
I mean, don't hold back Mitt. The people know that Obama is a failure, they just need to hear it from the guy that is running against him, so that they know that you know it too. If it were me running, I would use every second of time in front of the cameras to point out Obama's failureness. And I would just taunt the crap out of Obama.

Like, in a debate, I would laugh every time Obama says "folks" or "let me be clear". Which would make it appear that I am laughing at everything Obama says...which in fact I would be. Or maybe take a drink of water every time Obama blames Bush. It would be like a drinking game, except with water. But the audience could follow along with whatever beverages are handy.

And I would address Obama as "Mr. Failuresent...I mean President". And when people ask me what my plans are to fix jobs, or energy, or taxes, or anything, I would just say "hmm, well, I would think to myself, 'what would Obama do?'. Then I would do the complete opposite of that, because he is a total incompetent failure".

And every time the Obama campaign runs some ad making accusations about what Romney did at Bain Capital or how he purposely starved orphans to watch them suffer, or whatever silly thing they come up with next, he should simply respond to it by laughing and saying "Obama can't get his facts straight on anything, because he is a total failure. I mean, he can't even make a factual election ad. Have I mentioned he is a failure?".

Come on Mitt! Don't be so lukewarm. Obama is going to attack you for every imagined thing he can come up with. That's how he tricks idiots people into voting for him. If you want to win, you are going to have to play hardball. You know his true weakness...he is a stuttering catastrophe of a miserable failure as president.

So just focus on that!

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