Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In the News: Nancy's Husband Edition

Denis Green, former Minnesota Vikings coach has brought a new lawsuit against Nancy Pelosi’s trophy husband for breach of contract.  The suit claim’s that Denis was to get paid 1.5 million dollars for coaching, a football team.  Its not NFL or college so I’m pretty sure they suck.

The Pelosi camp had this to say in the wake of these allegations. 

  “we here at the Pelosi compound can assure you that no wrong doing occurred.  As a life long liberal I care about all people.  Of course most of those people are black, gay, dead, alive, almost gay, mostly dead, somewhat alive, and black indifferent. honestly, if he doesn't fit in to that group F#($ him.  So chances are we may be in the wrong because rich white guy was never mentioned”.

Check back with for any updates as they come in.

For the full story click the source link below.

Update:  there are no updates

Update2: no really, there are no updates



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