Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mitt and the make over

As I’ve stated before I am 100% behind Mitt, maybe even 110% behind him… no just 100%.  That should be enough.  I don’t even give 100% to my job that pays me.  Don’t even ask me how much of a % I give to this blog, cuz if I had to give a number, it would be in the single digits.  Also you would see a minus sign.  So just sayin.

So where was I?

Oh yeah,   Romney needs a make over.  It’s true.  Its no surprise that Romney got my vote a few years ago when I realized that he looked just like Reed Richards from the fantastic four. 

who I want to vote for
who I'm going to vote for

 To my surprise his wife is also blond; unfortunately he doesn't have a brother in law that can fly and turn in to fire.  That would be pretty sweet actually. Hopefully he will have a friend who may not be made of rock, but he could have a nickname like the rock.  That’s what I’m hoping for.  I think you all are too.

                                                             what I want in a VP

                                                     what I will settle for in a VP

So what does a modern day president have to be in order to fire up the young people?  I’m going to be perfectly honest with you, I’m 33 and I have no clue what the “kids” like these days.  I do know what old people like; they like accomplishment, results, hard work, and a nap around 3.  Romney has 3 out of those 4 nailed.  Now if only he can be president so he can accomplish something.

The youth vote is only interested in flashy things.  They like sweet hair (Justin Bieber) flashy cars (everyone in hip hop) bling (just about everyone in pop culture these days) and someone who can speak on the mic really well.

I now present to you, with any luck, the new Mitt Romney

and this is how we beat Obama in November

SO WHO'S WITH ME?!?!?!?!?!

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