Monday, August 20, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Monday, August 20, 2012

• If you're in Illinois, guess what? You have a new tax. The governor has signed a new law that will tax strip clubs to pay for some rape and sexual assault help thing. You know, because strip clubs rape people...or something.

Actually, this is one of those "feel good" things that let the government make yet another tax, and get away with it by placing the tax on an industry or group of people that the public doesn't like.

There is no real correlation between strip clubs and rapists. But most people don't like strip nobody cares if they are taxed.

That works...until you or your business or group is taxed, and the government gets away with it because the majority of people either don't like your thing, or don't care enough to stop it.

Hey, here's an idea...want to fund a rape crises center? Do it with the frozen assets of convicted rapists. That at least makes sense.

• The Curiosity Mars rover fired a laser at a rock. That's right, not only did we put a car-sized remote control robot on Mars, we gave it lasers.

Now tell me why we don't want to give NASA more money?

Putting laser-wielding robots on other planets  >  government healthcare.

Take that, Obama!

• Did I mention yesterday that Biden is hitting the campaign trail again this week? Yeah, they're letting him out of his not so secret bunker.

Can't wait! This should be a good week.

Any bets on what he'll say next?


  1. Uh, maybe the laser was intended to break up the rocks because we don't have a carbon-based-lifeform up there to use a hammer thingie on the rocks? And maybe we want them broked up so we learn what's inside? Like maybe traces of water, minerals, fossils and other weird stuff? Just sayin'.

    1. That's ridiculous. It's obviously for shooting Martians.

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