Monday, September 17, 2012

Its Not Their Fault, They Were Born Terrorist.

It makes perfect sense that the feds would investigate the film maker who, well made the film that is being used as the political football to take the blame off theMuslims who did what they did. That last sentence was really long, so I'll write a short one to compensate now. The Feds are dumb. Ok now that we're equalized.

I've been trying to stay away from the news for the last few days because I'm running out of things in my house I can break and not miss. When this story “broke” (pun intended) I believed the hype that it was about the video. Then it hit me. Why would a bunch of people across the world all of a sudden see a video that's been online for about a year not and all of a sudden 'eff stuff up?

The only logical conclusion is its a bait and switch of some sort.

#1 Why would they all of a sudden care about this?
#2 why would it rile up several mobs in two different countries?
#3 why are they so angry when hummus is so yummy?

I may have brought up #3 before, but it needs repeating. The stuff is great, I'm eating it now while typing this.

Maybe, maybe there are Muslim groups that found this and decided to use it to gin up outrage and cause chaos, its not like that never happened before or anything; but why is there an investigation into the man that made the movie?

Sometimes it really makes me angry that freedom of speech and freedom of religion have separate rules in this country depending on who you may anger.

OK I'm done with this, I'm about ready to start throwing my dishes around.

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