Monday, September 17, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Monday, September 17, 2012

• So the Obama administration is treating these attacks on our embassies like every other failure they've had: deny it, shift blame, and talk about something else.

• They claim that there was no "security lapse" in Lybia.

   So, what exactly do you then call it when armed intruders climb over the walls, kill people, and set things on fire?

• Some pastors of black churches are telling their congregations to stay home on election day, saying that a choice between a Mormon candidate and a president who supports gay marriage is no choice at all.

• That's all folks.  

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  1. I'm not wild about the pastors telling their congregations to stay home. It has been said countless times before that if you don't know who to vote FOR, you can always find someone to vote AGAINST.

    So one is a Mormon and the other supports gay marriage... At the end of the day which one is (or is going to be) putting into place policies and laws that are contrary to your own personal beliefs? If you can identify that person, go vote against them!

    In this case I think the choice is clear. It is apples and oranges. Their problem is with what Romney believes regarding his own personal religion, vs. what Obama is actually doing as a matter of public policy and law. Ergo, they should be voting against Obama in droves.

    On the other hand, the pastors may know their flocks quite well, and if there is no way to persuade them to vote AGAINST the One, perhaps saying "stay home" is the best course of action, and I shouldn't be second guessing. Hmmm… Either way, the effect would be to reduce the number of votes in favor of the total destruction of our way of life, so let me partially walk back my opening statement and say that while I'm still not in favor of self-disenfranchisement, in this case I'd be cool with the results, and if it helps the congregations sleep at night then win/win, I guess.