Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Walkingdead's Deep Thoughts: September 18, 20-12

  • I'm so excited Keith Olbermann resurfaced. I hope he does more of these.

          For the new people around here, a few months ago I was blocked by him on twitter, after he resorted making fun of my spelling.

         When you do that you show you have no argument, when you do it on twitter, a place where your thoughts are limited to 140 characters, you show you never had an argument.
  • Keln did his “even deeper thoughts”, now Lactose is doing “shallow thoughts”, and once and a while I do “surface thoughts”. I guess even I rip off my great ideas.

          I'm not saying they stole my shtick, I am saying they borrowed it without asking.

         It's ok though, I kinda borrowed this from IMAO.us when I needed a quick post to fill up internet space.
  • Honestly, what did Romney say that was so wrong?

         Everyone feigns so much outrage at the truth, it kinda gets on my nerves.

         Lots of people are dependent on the government. 46% of them don't pay income taxes. Many people won't vote for Romney no matter what.

         He pretty much just said the truth, and MSNBC got angry at him for it.

         I t's no wonder politicians lie so much.
  • Good night

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