Monday, September 3, 2012

What This Week Holds for Barry

Am I the only one that gets angry when ethic groups get boiled down to a single issue? I mean according to the democrats, women only care about abortion, and getting free birth control. Hispanics only care about immigration, and blacks only care about getting playacted by Al Sharpton.

Its not only disingenuous, but its also RIDICULOUSLY RACIST/SEXIST!

I guess this in turn leaves only white males to care about the economy, foreign policy, our standing in the world, the debt/deficit, what time dancing with the stars is on, and how to get to the nearest strip club.

That last one is most important to me.

Liberals have been so steadfast in to getting minority groups all “wee wee'ed (is that past tense of wee wee?) up” over perceived racism and different wars that they haven't had time to talk about policy. Of course when I talk about wars I'm not talking about Iraq or Afghanistan, its the war on women, and minorities, and the worst war of all. The war on bikini car washes.

I may have made up that last one, but I have noticed a distinct lack of them this year.

I'm really interested to watch the DNC this week, not just because I want to see Ed Shulz and rachel maddow  changing their underwear after every speech, but I want to see what issues they talk about. I want to know what Obama is going to run on.
  • He can't run on the economy, that sucks

  • He can't run on foreign policy, its essentially Bush 1.5 (that's nerd speak)

  • He can't run on the stimulus. That is a failure

Pretty much all he can do is say stuff like.

“Hey that health care thing might work, and the auto bail out could have been worse”. Really that's all the guys got.

I would love to see him go up to the podium and just say he was sorry, but the next 4 years will be different.

And they will, because Romney will be president.

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