Sunday, October 14, 2012

I Told You So

We here at Nuking Politics are not above tooting our own horns, chest thumping, or other displays of self-aggrandizement, and so I had to write a little something saying that I said this thing before I saw it written anywhere else. Which proves I am smart. Wicked smaat.

A journalist who specializes in sciency stuff, mentioned a point I have made here and other places around the intertubes considering Biden and his mis-characterization of Iran's ability to produce a bomb during the VP debate:

The worst part of the debate and the part that I wish Ryan had been able to counter was when Biden started in on the "They don't have a bomb to put (the fissile material) into."
This is outrageous. The hard part of building a nuclear weapon is to get the fissile material, bomb designs are a dime a dozen and anyone who has access to a copy of the Progressive Magazine from the 1970s when they published a bomb design they had dug up from some documents that were found in the Los Alamos public library can build one.
The A.Q. Khan design has long been available to them including any refinements the North Koreans have made.
Making a warhead that can fit on a missile may be harder, but building a basic nuclear weapon that could be put on an airliner or a ship is easy once you have the material.

Which is exactly what I said in my Tactical Nuke following the debate. Not that I needed assurance from another source that I was right (because I usually double check after making such statements anyway), but it's always nice, as an amateur writer, to be backed up by professionals saying the same thing to prove to my readers the veracity of what I was saying.

Because I think this is really an important point. The enrichment of uranium is the key ingredient to a nuclear weapons program. Not the bomb making. So when Biden said what he did during the debate, I was just taken aback by it. And this is saying a all know it is...but it has to have been the most idiotic statement Biden has said in a long long time.

And unfortunately, it just seemed to me that he was getting away with it, since most people don't know much about nuclear anything. Just rest assured...Nuking Politics has you covered on that angle. Now that a few journalists are pointing it out, people might get the message again that it is Iran's enrichment program that is the danger...not whether they can figure out how to build a bomb out of uranium.


  1. I thought it seemed fishy when I watched the debate, but not being an expert, I wasn't sure. It's nice to have professional validation. Great job, Keln!

  2. I get validated every time the onion takes one of my jokes. so far they have done it twice.

    1. Hmm. Must have been before my time. You'll have to make sure and tell me if that ever happens again. Or are you too lazy?

  3. no, I always post a story about it.