Sunday, October 14, 2012

Walkingdead's Surface Thoughts: October 14, 20-12

  • A triumphant Detroit Tigers take the field as I write this to you today. I just thought you should know that last night the Detroit Tigers beat the evil vile Yankee's. Unfortunately Derek Jeter got hurt. I like Jeter, even though I hate the Yanks.

  • Last night was International sad and alone day. I celebrated it by having a few beers with some friends, and then capping off the night with a 44 oz margarita. That was a lot of margarita.

         In true sad and alone fashion I went home, sad and alone.

        But what else is new?
  • Did anyone watch meet the press today? I swear Jenifer Granholm is just a cheerleader for the DNC.

        I don't mean that as some sort of sexist remark, but after her speech at the DNC, and her cheering of Obama on MTP, as well as her continuing democratic talking points... she honestly has nothing to say of merit.

        Maybe I'm just bitter because she spent 8 years screwing up Michigan, now she's gained some credibility (somehow) and is screwing up Sunday morning talk shows, as well as the deep recesses of cable television.

        My beer podcast on youtube gets more views than her show on current TV.

         I actually hate when people bring up ratings as some sort of success. Ratings just mean how entertaining you are, not how good you actually are.

        Case in point, I think Anderson Cooper is 100 times more credible than Keith Olbermann, but I thought K-money was way more entertaining.

       This was a woman who stood up in front of the Michigan legislature in 2006 and said “in 5 years your going to be blown away”. We all were, just not in a positive way.

  • Good afternoon


  1. Waiting for the deep thoughts.

  2. those were the surface thoughts, as shown by the title.