Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh My

How do we feel about THIS nerds?

If you think about it, they just need to make 3 movies and they make their money back.

I'm cautiously optimistic.


  1. Yeah, I heard this on Cavuto when I was driving home from work. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a big fan of Star Wars.

    I've been afraid of Lucas making more movies for so long, I haven't even processed the idea of someone else making them.

    It might take me some time to figure out how I feel about it. But at the start I can say this: Lucas isn't making them. So that's a bonus. Second, Disney has made some awesome movies.

    But Disney also knows how to completely ruin a movie. I guess I am afraid of Disney making them more kid-oriented, instead of them being Star Wars oriented.

    The originals were great. They appealed to kids and adults. They didn't always have the best acting, the best lines, or the best anything. But they were put together with something of a good plot and it all worked. The next three doubled down on bad acting and cheesy lines, and tossed out the whole idea of a plot that makes sense.

    I'm afraid of three more like that. Because I know I will watch them, probably on opening nights or thereabouts, and I just don't want to live through that disappointment three more times.

  2. well Disny has done amazing things with the marvel movies, so I have faith in them.

    Plus with lucas just being a supervisor, I'm happy.

    my only hope is they do episode 7 with new characters... don't recast luke, don't use luke at all.

    1. I dunno. It depends on what the movies are about. A new Luke might be necessary. They could actually use Mark Hamill for a lot of extended universe stories. And Harrison Ford for that matter if we're talking 20 or 30 years after the original movies.

      Carrie Fisher is a stretch. She looks like a royal mess nowadays.

      But, there is a lot they could do with the same, older actors from the original.

      Something to think about.