Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Stav Blackmane Interview: Part 1

So now to let the cat out of the bag, last Friday I was away from the NP office to attend a Stav Blackmane rally.  It was held in the official birthplace of the Republican Party, Jackson, Michigan (Wikipedia that America) with a few hundred people in attendance.  I was granted a few minutes with him and this is the result: Part 1.

For those of you asking questions of Mr. Blackmane yours will be posted tomorrow.

Q&A with Stav Blackmane

Nuking Politics

NP: Why do you seem to still be trying to position yourself as a "real" candidate - the whole "dark horse" thing - rather than as a running gag

SB: It is necessary… It is required that I position myself as a real candidate for two main reasons.  1) I want my ideas, my positions on various issues, to have as great an impact as they can, which won't happen if I'm just running a joke campaign.  There is considerable historical precedent supporting this, by the way, and even candidates who have no chance of winning in a particular election - or even grabbing the nomination - can force changes to the party's platform if their supporters are numerous enough or vocal enough to demand that their concerns be addressed.

2) If I had won the nomination, I would have been a ferocious campaigner, relentlessly hammering the President, his cabinet, his friends, his sock-puppets in Congress, and his sycophants and stenographers in the media, all the way up to my victory speech on election night, and beyond.

NPWhat makes you think you're qualified to hold the Office of the Presidency

SB: The basics.  I'm a decent guy.  I'm a natural leader. I'm very conservative. I truly love our country, our culture, and especially our Constitution.  I'm sick and tired of the media-driven "celebrity president" phenomena, but since that's something I have to deal with, I'll say that although we do NOT need the president to supposedly be the "smartest man in America", and although I'm not a genius, I am at least reasonably bright although not to the degree that I'm enamored with my own glow.  I have no criminal past (because, thank God, we don't include traffic tickets when making such claims), and I'm not in this "just to line my own pockets".  Nobody owns me. I'm not beholden to anyone other than my own supporters, and to them all I owe is that I be true to how I represent myself, which is easy because what you hear from me are my honest views. I will not hesitate to respond with overwhelming military force in situations where that is required, while at the same time I need to make it clear to America that I will not recklessly expend our nation's blood and treasure in situations where victory can be found by other means. And I do mean "victory" here, which - rest assured - means that "appeasement" is completely off the table.

NP: If you lose, do you have any further political aspirations?

SB: Certainly! But my plans will largely be determined by whom I lose TO. I may run again for President - starting earlier in the election cycle of course - or I may run for Governor of Texas. But also, you can pursue "political aspirations" in other ways as well, by which I mean if I can shoehorn my way into a worthwhile position within a Romney administration, I may stomp down that path.  I'm defining "worthwhile position" here, by the way, as "one which enables me to have a noticeable impact", as opposed to targeting a specific salary level.  I'd take an unpaid adviser's role if it guaranteed access to the President's ears.

NP: Where do you see our country headed?

SB: At the moment? Off a cliff and then plummeting towards a black hole, fiscally, regulation-wise, morally, take your pick.  But I also see a great many of the passengers in this participatory representational democracy waking up, yelling warnings, demanding that the brakes be applied, that somebody please veer in another direction, etc. "The End" is not now although it is darn near nigh.

This next election is crucial, and not just for us but for the entire world. And strangely it seems the entire world is pulling in the wrong direction.  That's probably largely because it has been filtered through our media, but in truth the "corrective" measures being passed by foreign governments largely, heck almost exclusively, compound the problems we're all facing.


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