Monday, October 15, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Monday, October 15, 2012

• So the entire European Union got the Nobel Peace Prize.

  Can we finally acknowledge that this prize has jumped the shark? I mean...really.

• Obama apparently owns shares in a company that Romney also owns shares in through an investment trust fund...which the Obama people pointed out as "shipping jobs to China". Well, I dunno about jobs going places on ships, but if Obama owns shares in the same company, then that kinda makes him a hippopotamus. Or Hippocratic oath.

  Oh what is that word? It starts with hip-something. Spell check is just not helping me today.

• Carry on.


  1. Jumped the shark... those were the exact words I used when I heard about the "prize."

    Europe is a basket case, and the whole continent is going up in flames in the next 10 to 15 years, if not sooner. If it's not the Germans, disgruntled over having to foot the bill for a continent from full of moochers, it'll be the unassimilated Middle Easterners multi-culturing them up in flames.

    1. Germany is about the only respectable country left on the continent. They live mostly within their means, they work pretty hard, and they actually have a relatively capitalist market (for Europe) that grows wealth instead of just redistributing it.

      I'm surprised the Germans haven't gone and declared the rest of Europe their territory and base it on the fact that pretty much every other country in the EU owes them money.

      I know I'm dreaming here, but the look on the French's frenchy faces if they did that!

  2. Are you saying that Germany should reannex the Sudatenland?

    1. Mostly, I just want them to annex France. I don't see the need for taking over the Czech Republic. They could probably even get away with taking France. I mean, the Brits would most likely be too busy laughing to do anything about it. And the rest of Europe's militaries are a joke.

      I see France as really the center of Euro-stupidity. Kind of like Europe's California...where all the nuts live and leak their nutty ways into the rest of European society. Germany would be doing everyone a favor if they took over France, banned mimes, and forced the French to drink beer and wear lederhosen.