Friday, October 12, 2012

Walkingdead's Deep Thoughts: October 12, 20-12

  • So I get to see Louie C.K. tonight.  I'm pretty excited.

         This was the most I've ever spent on a ticket to see anything.  I usually have a hard celling of $35 for tickets.  For some reason I really thought I needed to do this.

  • So Joe made a few whoopsies last night.  What else is new?

         I promise to vote for what ever candidate uses the word "embigen" in a debate.

        Just once I would love to see post debate coverage and have someone in any spin room say, "man we really got our butts handed to us tonight".

       That would be nice

  • I'm just warning you now, next week I'm going to be pretty light on the blogging.

         I have a big conference for work, and after I'm going on vacation.

        So Keln will actually have to pull his own weight for once.

        It's Friday and I really don't have much else.

       I'll talk to you later

  • Good night.


  1. So trying to drag you to a Michigan vs Ohio State game would be pointless then...

    Because those tickets are a lot more than %35.

  2. I may just do that so I can cheer against Michigan. that would be worth it.

    1. Of course you would cheer against Meatchicken. You're a Sparty! drive down to C-bus in November and we enjoy watching scUM lose to the Buckeyes?

  3. if I can swing it $ wise then yeah I'm in.

  4. So now you're giving us a head's up in advance that you're going to be lazy. How thoughtful.