Thursday, October 25, 2012

Walkingdead's Deep Thoughts: October 25, 20-12

  • really good chance today will be the last good day this year... weather wise.

          so if you need me, I will be on my porch drinking.

  • I don't know why it bothers me, but it really does when people use the word "things" as another use for container.

          for example. "Do you like bacon"? "yes I have 3 things of bacon in my refrigerator".

          you have 3 packages, or containers of bacon. you don't have 3 things of bacon. bacon is a noun, so technically it is a thing, but that's not right.

  • I want to punch Angel Pagan so bad

          OOOOHHHHH I will use my fists

          ok, the apple app store is the stupidest thing since stupid was invented.

          I hate it so much.

  • Game 2 is tonight... GO TIGERS!

          I'm still serious about the San Francisco ban

          I'm gonna start building a fence

          Keln can I borrow $342,000 for a fence?

  • I couldn't write about the biggest Obama story today because it has a bad word in it.

          I could have just changed it to "he's a house sitter"... but I don't think it would have the same impact.

         We need to have an NSFW day.  Like one day a month where we're not bound by these draconian laws.

          I mean its the internet.  there are worse things than me using slang terms for my boy parts.

  • Good Night


  1. I agree about the "things" of bacon. Irritating.

    I am not a San Francisco fan. Sorry to bug you about it. You are kinda easy to bug.

    Let me know if you have that NSFW day. I probably will have to hide my little eyes and stay away. I'm pretty sensitive.

    Hey. How old are you?

  2. I gotta say that I'm not so sensitive to be offended should Keln approve a NSFW day. However, the fact he has rules and applies them makes me happy because where I work (just north of Ghenna)rules only apply until someone complains about how unfair it is to have anything called rules.

    The "thing" thing bugs me too. BTW "thing" is slang for your (and my) boy parts.

    Grr I have to post anonymous....hmmmm so be it. I shall sign my nom de internet.


  3. There will never be a NSFW day at NP. The rules are the rules, out of respect for many people who read this blog and aren't interested in "not safe for work" content.

    There is plenty of NSFW internet out there for people who like that sort of thing. Here, we strive for professionalism.

    Sometimes sophomoric professionalism, but still professionalism.

    1. Thanks, Keln. I like people who stick to their guns. I like it best when I think they're right. :P