Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Absolve Myself

I wash my hands of it. I cannot be held responsible for what has happened. The government is obviously their own master, and the people that have selected it are guilty of creating it and subject to it. The "national" debt is not mine. I do not owe a penny of it to any one, because I did not vote for spending or entitlements. I've not ridden the government "gravy train", nor will I ever choose to do so.

I'm an American, and an individual, and I am not subject to any federal government, nor do I depend on such a corrupt den of thieves for my sustenance. I work for what I have, my own prosperity is in my hands. When I want something, I will earn it and not expect it to be given to me. When I am in need, I will work for my needs, not fill out government forms. When government seeks to block my way, I will do my best to work around it. I will pay my taxes for them to waste on the parasitic ingrates who keep the politicians in office, but not a cent more than I must by law.

I, like the dwindling millions like me, am a maker. Not a taker. It is on the shoulders of makers that this nation has enjoyed prosperity. On the shoulders of explorers, inventors, and founders. On the shoulders of hard workers, innovators, and business people. On the shoulders of good parents and role models. On the shoulders of investors and entrepreneurs.

And we've come to a point in our history where those shoulders must begin to shrug, or be crushed by the weight of a government that has become infinitely massive.

The takers officially outnumber the makers. Those who want a government to take care of them and fix their problems now outnumber those who believe in fixing their own problems and providing for their own prosperity. And there is no going back. The bait was taken, and the hook is set. The entitlement age has begun.

So shrug. And watch it fall. And be ready to pick up the pieces and rebuild greatness when the time comes.

Because we are the makers, and that is what we do.


  1. Are you John Galt?

  2. The entitlement age cannot last forever. At some point there are no pockets left to pick and one must relearn how to depend upon oneself. It may be a painful path frought with hard lessons for many and undeserved consequences for others, but it may be a path we have to travel for a while until the oppurtunity for greatness arises again. Eventually the conflict between limitless wants and limited resources always ends in one manner. One cannot wish or vote away the reality of economics any more than one can legislate the speed of light. Hard reality will eventually supplant fantasy utopia, for only one of the two is real.

  3. Rome fell in 410 AD. It was 1000 years before western civilization recovered.
    When America falls, I bet we can Double that recovery time at least.
    In the year 4000, they'll still be feeling the effects and still be asking, "What were they Thinking?!"

    1. I think if western civilization fell, it would never rise again as "western civilization". Liberty will, and not as long as you think, but the west, culturally speaking, is fading away as it is.

  4. Well said Keln, Well said.