Saturday, November 24, 2012

Just A Little NCAA Fun

So some of you know I'm no fan of the college known as the university of Michigan... but one of the shows on the HARMELODY NETWORK is written by someone else besides me.  now with a big fat NSFW tag and and with a good decent amount of fun and poking towards Keln.  I now present.  Ohio State Sucks!


  1. Except at beating Meatchicken...because we beat taking a knee 4 times.


  2. And Michicant gave Ohio Toledo so they could become a state...

  3. Though most Ohioans wish Michicrap would take Toledo back...

  4. Oh, and of the last 10 Ohio State-Meatchicken games, Ohio State is 8-2.

    Just sayin...

    ...that the team up North sucks!

    Go BUCKS! Meatchicken Sucks!

  5. oh hey, I hate them too... I live 20 minutes outside of ann arbor... I used to work in ypsilanti (the part of ann arbor nobody wanted) I hate michigan.

    but this was funny.