Monday, December 31, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Monday, New Years Eve 2012

• Hey, it's New Years Eve 2012. That means the Mayans are dumb.

• Piers Morgan (who names their kid "Piers", I mean really...) is threatening to deport himself if America doesn't change their gun laws.

  Ok, so first, this is in response to people starting a petition to deport him because he is an idiot.

  Second, he is British, and it is his type that even inspired the idea that the people ought to be armed in case of a tyrannical government...such as the British government in the 18th century for example.

• Capitalism always finds an answer to today's problems.

  In this case, a bullet-proof clothing designer figured out how to make some bullet-proof vests and backpacks for school kids. So while stupid government is running around trying to blame guns and Bush, a guy in Columbia says "hmm, why not give kids bullet-proof stuff?".

• There won't be one of these tomorrow. I'll be on holiday. But, there will be the announcement of the 2012 Punchline Nuker of the Year. So check in.

• Carry on.

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