Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Thursday, December 6, 2012

• Bashar al-Assad has to be the goofiest looking bad guy ever. I can't figure out if he looks more like that Arab version of an elf or like a cross between a man and a cartoon mouse.

  Or a rat, if you consider how bad this guy really is. He has apparently had the Syrian military prepare its chemical attack his own people.

• Watch out! A new defense appropriations bill has a line item that authorizes states to add a sales tax to online purchases, apparently whether or not the business doing the selling is physically in the state.

  And it has Republican support apparently. Which boggles the mind. What is it that our politicians don't understand about not raising taxes in any form during a bad economy? Or any economy really. It's like these guys can't understand the simple concept of where money comes from. They think that if they levy a tax, then that money will magically appear from the land of unicorns and fairies instead of the coffers of businesses who generally use that money they would otherwise have to do things like expand and hire people.

  "Oh, we need more businesses!"

• Carry on.

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