Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Beauty or the Beast?

Let me get this straight. A beautiful actress is thinking of running against Mitch McConnell for senate in Kentucky... and the Republicans are worried about securing the women's vote? Did I mention she was a sexy, well-known, beautiful celebrity?

Walkingdead? If you lived in Kentucky, who would YOU vote for?


  1. McConnell gets my vote.If I lived in Kentucky.

    The Puffy faced actress is actually certifiably insane.

    1. You guys are far too smart to be swayed by a pretty (or formerly pretty) face, I see. I expected that. I still wonder where the eternally single, but recently turned democrat, walkingdead will weigh in.

  2. Yeah, she might have been beautiful once, before the puffy face syndrome. Also, beauty is easily tarnished by being a bat-crazy leftist.

    Just look at what it did to Jane Fonda. Someone once told me she was considered one of the hottest actresses of her time. But every time I see a picture of her, all I see is an enemy combatant.

  3. When I was a little girl my family was watching a silly Fonda film, Cat Ballou, when my dad walked in the room. He refused to watch it. I remembering it baffling me and asking him about it later. My dad is a very articulate, charismatic man. He was visibly shaken, and he just mumbled something about "Vietnam" and "demonstrating against our soldiers". I was too young to understand anything about Vietnam at that time, and it was such a mess I may never completely understand it. My dad taught me beauty and fame meant nothing when compared with honor and country. Apparently, there are some democrats who still don't agree.